Add a new perspective to your iPhone photos with Perspective Correct + Giveaway!

Perspective Correct
Have you ever take a photo of a building you really love and the perspective is off or even a street scene that can’t be fixed by simply straightening them? Perspective Correct is your solution to this problem.  With it’s advanced 3D technology and easy to use interface Perspective Correct is miles ahead of its current competitors [such Genius Scan and Front View]. App Store $1.99

Co-developed by world renowned mobile photographer and past featured artist, Misho Baranovic and Mark Hampton creator of the HiLo Lens, are pleased to announce their latest project, Perspective Correct. Together they are set to  give users of Perspective Correct a much needed prospective in the mobile photography space as Misho explains.

Yep, Genius Scan and Front View were the jumping off point for Perspective Correct. In using the apps we found that 2D corner dragging is often a trial and error process.  We wanted to make it easier so we developed a completely new 3D correction process. This way the photographer can see the amount of correction straight away.  We also think that there are exciting creative opportunities to be had through live perspective distortion.

before and after using Prospective Correct

before and after using Prospective Correct

Cropping has always been an issue that concerns mobile shooters when preforming prospective corrections which leads to distortion and over all image loss.  The pinch to scale feature will help in limiting corner loss, a much welcomed function users of Perspective Correct will appreciate.

The amount of image loss is dependent on the scene.  Most day to day shots only require small amounts of correction to straighten out the perspective.  You might lose anywhere between 5-10% of the photo. But yes, if you have severe distortion through dramatic angles that you will lose more.  We have worked on limiting corner loss through the ‘pinch to scale’ function on the app. This way you can reduce the preview image and retain the corners.   At this stage the crop tool is constrained to 4:3 but we’re working on adding more cropping control in future versions.

Enjoy precise, immediate control over the horizontal and vertical perspective of your photograph as it was meant to be.

From the press release:

Auckland, New Zealand — March 18, 2013 – Neccessory Ltd. have just launched the Perspective Correct App for iPhone – the first app to offer live perspective correction for your photos.

With a simple swipe, Perspective Correct lets you adjust your photos in 3D, giving you precise, immediate control over the horizontal and vertical perspective. It’s perfect for taking photos of architecture, real estate interiors, landscapes and more.

With live Perspective Correction you can see your adjustments straight away, helping you focus on getting the right framing and composition.

Misho Baranovic, well-known mobile photographer and the apps co-developer, says that “after struggling with a few other correction programs I realized that there had to be an easier way to fix perspective in photos. It’s incredible (and fun) to see buildings snap back into place, whole street scenes straighten themselves out and squashed rooms return to normal.”

Apart from perspective controls, the app also features advanced focus and exposure control, easy to use rotate and crop tools, adjustable grid lines and advanced JPEG compression controls for even the most discerning photographers.

Neccessory Ltd. is a tech start-up founded in 2012 by New Zealand based by Mark Hampton. Neccessory Ltd. develops innovative mobile computing accessories and apps. Perspective Correct is developed by Misho Baranovic and Mark Hampton.

Perspective Correct is available for download on the Apple App Store for US $1.99.

Thanks to Misho, I have five (5) promo codes to give away! To obtain a code please tell us why you would like a code to receive Prospective Correct for FREE. Five (5) winner will be selected at random and must appropriately comment to win a code (don’t just say “I would like to try it” or of the sort)!

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28 responses to “Add a new perspective to your iPhone photos with Perspective Correct + Giveaway!

  1. That could be handy for when I take some photos and I have taken them squiggly. It would also be fun to adjust building so they are off – bend them ;-)

  2. Hey, I’m an old skool hooligan. I disdain the crooked image used by many to ‘create’ energy in an otherwise boring scene. there is no excuse for crooked. I use Tilt-Shift lenses on my ‘big’ camera. I just hate it when people don’t care or won’t bother to control perspective. It’s LAZY! Please send me the promo code. I have my own “code” to uphold!

  3. I have come to really respect my iPhone as a great photography tool. I would love to use this app to correct my photos, since I keep trying to improve and get to the next level !!

  4. I’ve been looking for an app to correct the perspective on some of my photos,one app that really do it well,Prospect Correct seems to be the answer for my iphoeography prayers.

  5. I’ve been using FrontView for correcting perspective but its kind of outdated. I’ve also used Genius Scan+ but it didn’t do exactly what I wanted. Perspective Correct sounds like THE app for doing this kind of tweaks to an image. It’s nice to know that Misho is behind it too, so we’re sure this is a serious app.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. This app looks superb. Almost always have perspective when shooting in a rush. Looking forward for this!

  7. This looks like a great app! I would love to be able to see the before and after results with a couple of the photos that I have taken with my Olloclip!!

  8. This sounds very interesting! Up until now I’ve been using Genius Scan but as you say it is a back and forth process with unsure results. To be able to see adjustments as you go sounds so much easier! This is an app I could put to good use in my camera bag!

  9. As architecture is one of my primary subjects to photograph, I feel this app is a must have in my camera bag. There are so many times I wished I had a perspective correct app to straighten out the many architecture shots i have in my camera roll and now we have an app which will do the job.

  10. I have used creative filters and image rotation tools for iPhone photos, but have never tried perspective correction. Yes, I find the wide- angled-ness of the camera needs a such a tool to skew back some straightness into photos of buildings, and stretches of roads. This should be an essential App in my often-used toolkit for iPhoneography!

  11. Read about this new app here and appwhisper. Had a look at Misho blog and work. Very busy man. Good looking too.
    3rd generation photographer who has fallen in love with mobile photography. So much so that the list of top 5 items in my life are, my health, my wife, my pets, my home and iPad. I shoot every day with the iPad. I am also a street photographer and photograph anything and everything. This includes architecture. But I am aware of how lines converge unless you use a tilt shift lens. So bring it on! I bought the dotfunc app only to find out it does not work on iPad’s. would love to win something for a change. Go ahead and make my day!👍❤✌😀

  12. Count me in, please. I can see myself using this often. I’ve tried a few apps that are mediocre when it comes to these adjustments. Could really use an accurate, reliable, go-to app for perspective correction, straightening, and cropping. Knowing that Misho has a hand in the development of the app, I feel confident it will only get better from here.

  13. Well I’m a crazy architect eye. Would want to be able to change perspective anytime, either to correct it or to make even more unbelievable. Would love to see what Misho came up to with this app :)

  14. Been looking for an app that does this. Misho is a great contributor to the iPhoneography movement and I’m sure this app will be no different.

  15. I live in Toronto, ON. My pics of the city are often plagued with out of skew buildings. Ths app is just what I need! Thank you for the chance to win a code! All the best!

  16. I live in Portugal (Lisbon) where we have many beautiful and ancient buildings. I usually try not to photograph them because I din’t have a strong app to correct the distortion. I am very excited with this new possibility and specially with Misho Baranovic linked to its production. It must be a winner. Good luck for all.

  17. I was not previously aware of your website and will be checking back again.
    This looks like a very useful application and I would love to win and make good use of it, as I love to photograph cityscapes.

  18. Looks like just what I need! Heading to NYC for a photo meet I’ll be shooting there for the first time since I got my first iPhone. I already know the issue. Looks like a great app! Sign me up please!

  19. Hello from from Chile.

    I would like this app, because I think it’s a good tool to correct photos taken to architecture. Also because I think it would encourage to take photos that sometimes i delete because of bad perspective.

  20. Hi,
    whenever I try to adjust the perspective on Photoshop of images from my iPhone, I need to also readjust the height to compensate for the widening. Does this app also automatically adjust for that?

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