iPhoneographer of the Day – Ramona Gillentine

Ramona Gillentine is one of the premier iPhoneographers.  She has been recognized by many in the short time she has been doing this venture. I’m happy to be able to bring you a talent beyond belief and a master of B&W iPhoneography

Without further a due….



Q: Tell me about yourself? Where are you from?

A: I’m 30 years old and live in Oxford, Mississippi. I work at a small local bakery as an artisan bread baker.

Q: What does iPhoneography mean to you?

A: iPhoneography fulfills my desire to explore, develop, and share my creative expression. I love the ability to create it all right in the palm of my hand.

Q: Can you recall the first iphoto you took that made you go WOW!?

A: Yes, I remember the first photo I took and app’d with camerabag. It is titled Rainshield and I shot this from sitting in the passenger seat on my way home in the rain. It amazed me so much and I knew then that I had found a whole new creative field to dive myself into.


(Rain Shield)

Q: Do you have any formal training regarding photography?

A: I have never had any training or schooling for photography. I can say that photography and art has always been in my family.

Q: Whats are your favorite subjects to photograph?

A: I have two favorite subjects for shooting, buildings and landscapes.


(Let”s Keep Dancing)

Q: Who or what inspires your work?

A: I have many favorite Black & White photographers that I am very drawn to and they influence my work. I am also influenced by different art movements, particularly from 1900’s-1950’s. iPhoneography as an underground art movement is of course the most inspiring element of my work.

Q: What has been the single biggest challenge of using the iPhone as a camera?

A: The biggest challenge is shooting outside on a bright day and not being able to see the subject on the screen. The screen pretty much goes black and you just have to almost guess that you are getting your shot.


(Nail On Horizon)

Q: How would you describe your iPhoneogenic style?

A: My true style is high contrast Black & White with minimal composition. Every now and then I do get the urge to produce some photos in colour.

Q: What has been the most surprising or most predictable reaction to your iPhoneography?

A: My most surprising is that I was asked to be the Featured Artist For June at Pixels At An Exhibition which I am truly thrilled over. I was just recently requested to be the first iPhoneographer profiled for the iPhone Photography Spotlight on Just What I See, The iPhone Street Photography Of Greg Schmigel.


(100 Years)

Q: What’s in your iPhone camera bag (apps)? Which one do you currently use the most often?

A: I have about 30 camera apps on my iPhone. I really don’t go app crazy because I like to stick with my Black & White style in which I use Lo-Mob and Format 126.

For more on Ramona check out these links: 

Blogger: AdoraFiora-Photography

Facebook Page: AdoraFiora-Photography and iPhOnEoGrApHaNaTiC

Flickr: AdoraFiora

I want to thank Ramona for participating in this feature here on iPhoneogenic.tumblr.com and the iPhoneogenic Facebook Page. I am honored to have you on my blog.

Thank You!

All images shown here are copyrighted property of Ramona, please contact her for copyright privileges.

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