iPhoneographer of the Day – Charlotta Kratz

A Hipstamatic iPhoneographer I have quickly become a fan of.

Q: Tell me about yourself? Where are you from?
A: I am originally Swedish, and I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995. I am a university lecturer, I teach classes in media and communication. Besides photography I like writing, music, movies, food, and the outdoors.

Q: What does iPhoneography mean to you?
A: It’s a way for me to be creative every day, and to use the time while I wait for something, or walk somewhere. In a few months it has reconnected me with my artistic side in a major way.

Q: How did you get into iPhoneography?
A: I played with the Hipstamatic app for the iphone while my partner was driving back from a trip to the central California coast right before Christmas in 2009. It was love at first sight.

Q: What inspires you?
A: I’m inspired by nature, and by people, especially in spaces. I am fascinated by the tension that can be created in spaces.

Q: What’s in your iPhone camera bag (apps)? Which one do you currently use the most often?                                                                                             A: I use Hipstamatic almost exclusively. Recently I’ve used AutosStitch a little bit.

For more on Charlotta check out these links:

Flickr: Lottak

Twitter: LottaK

SmugMug: Charlottakratz/iPhone

Blog: LottasPlace

Thank you Charlotta for participating in this feature here on iPhoneogenic.tumblr.com and the iPhoneogenic Facebook Page. I am honored to have you on my blog.

Thank You!

All images shown here are copyrighted property of Charlotta Kratz, please contact Charlotta for copyright privileges.

© 2010 iPhoneogenic

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