iPhoneographer of the Day – Jose Chavarry


What can I say about Jose. His work is just phenomenal!


(Skipping Hearts)

Q: Tell me about yourself? Where are you from?
A: I am originally from the capital of Guatemala, but have lived in California since I was 3. I currently live in the city of Santa Clarita, but am longing to go back and live in San Diego.

Q; How did you get into iPhoneography?
A: I bought an iPhone because I wanted to be able to take photos and video of my little girl as she grew up. Seeing her discover the world around her has been a big inspiration to me and as a result, I began to rediscover the world myself. The pictures I take on my phone our a way to document this discovery.

Q: Can you recall the first iphoto you took that made you go WOW I really got something here!?
A: It would have to be one of the early photos of my daughter, “Little Runaway”. I remember feeling at the time (actually, I still feel this way) how I wish I could just freeze her and keep her at the age she was. I was feeling anxious about her growing up and being influenced by a world I couldn’t control. I think that picture captured some of that.


(Little Runaway)

Q: What does iPhoneography mean to you?
A: iPhoneography, for me, has been my main creative outlet for the past year. It’s a way for me to attempt to capture the magical and mysterious properties of the world around me.

Q: Do you have any formal training regarding photography?
A: Just a photo class in college, but I have always been interested visual mediums like painting, photography, and film.

(Modern Love)

Q: Who or what are your artistic influences?
A: So many. Bresson, Arbus, Carvaggio… I am also influenced a great deal by the work of other iPhoneographers like Jaime Ferreyros, Aik Beng Chia, Ramona Gillente, Joan R Bada Sune, Elena Herrero, and many others.

Q: What has been the most surprising or most predictable reaction from people to your iphotographs?
A: I’m always surprised when someone says I have a good eye. I literally have horrible vision.

(Huntington Man)

Q: What’s in your iPhone camera bag (apps)? Which one do you currently use the most often?
A: Pictureshow, Camerabag, Lomob, picgrunger, perfectly clear, format 126, cinemafx, photostudio, photogene, camera+, and tiltshiftgenerator are the apps I use the most, but I’m always happy to add a new app if it’s good.

Q: What other thoughts would you like to share?
A: Just a big thanks to you for featuring me on your sight and for supporting this art form.

(What Are You Looking At)

For more on Jose check out these links:

WordPress: www.ahness.wordpress.com

Flickr: JoseChavarry

Thank you Jose for participating in this feature here on iPhoneogenic.tumblr.com and the iPhoneogenic Facebook Page. I am honored to have you on my blog.

Thank You!

All images shown here are copyrighted property of Jose Chavarry, please contact Jose for copyright privileges.

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