iPhoneographer of the Day – Kim Holloway

Traveling across the world has it’s many advantages.  Kim Holloway is fortunate enough to work for a company that takes her to many far away lands.  There along for the ride is her trusty mobile, capturing the beauty around her. From Sydney to Toronto, Kim’s patients and view of the world through her iPhone is a showstopper.

Take it away…


Q: Tell me about yourself? Where are you from? Hobbies?
A: I grew up in a small town in Tasmania, Australia.  I somehow managed to end up living in the UK and working in the Global IT department for a rather large company.   I do quite a bit of travel in my job which is a blessing and sometimes a curse.  One of the great positives is the opportunity to see and photograph different places.  I have geek like qualities and my friends know me as gadget-girl as I’m always wanting the latest bit of technology.  Having said that I’m still using an iPhone 3GS but that’s more to do with contracts than my desire to have one.  
Having an iPhone means that photography is more than just a hobby, it’s a part of life.

Q:How did you get into iPhoneography?
A: I can tell you the date: 19th June 2009.  The reason I can be so specific is because that’s the date I got the iPhone 3GS.  The camera enhancements in this model meant that photo’s taken on the iPhone were more than just “pictures taken with a camera phone”.    It was probably a year later before I really got into using apps.  I was a purist (for want of a better word) at first – always wanting to take the perfect photo without the use of anything other than the camera.   Pano was the only exception to this – I got that app early on and have always loved it.  It’s the only photo App that has a place on the front screen of my iPhone.

Q: Can you recall the first iphoto you took that made you go WOW I really got something here!?(be sure to include the photo if you answer this)
A: I took a photo whilst walking along the Southsea seafront a few days after getting the iPhone 3GS.  I loved the colours and the clarity and it made me realise that you can take great photo’s with an iPhone.


12 months later I started to get into the iPhone apps. This came from exploring Flickr and realising that people were doing amazing things using iPhone photography apps.  I never knew most of these existed and I quickly started to experiment with lots of different apps.  I used DXP quite a lot.  I love taking a picture of something plain and simple and turning it into something unrecognisable.  I haven’t done many of these recently because you need the right photo to start with – something where a mirror image will really make a difference. 

Q: What does iPhoneography mean to you?
A: iPhoneography means always looking out for something that stands out, an unusual angle, or colour or something that just might work in one of my apps.   iPhoneography is always having a camera with you, no matter where you are.  I cannot leave the house without my iPhone, which means the next great photo could be just around the corner.

Q: Do you have any formal training regarding photography?
A: No.  I really wish I knew what an f-stop was, but I have no idea.  I’ve tried to understand photography many times, but my brain just doesn’t want to understand it.  Perhaps that’s why iPhoneography appeals to me so much.  I don’t need to know the technical side of things, but I can still get great and interesting results.

(The End)

Q: Who or what are your artistic influences? 

A:I’ve always loved photography, regardless of who the artist is.  A great photo is a great photo, no matter who took it or what camera they used.   I would say that Flickr has been my greatest influence when it comes to iPhoneography- the quality of photo’s on there is staggering.  I do love taking photo’s of flowers and trees.  You can get up quite close to a flower with the iPhone – I guess they’re a bit of an easy target :-)

Q: What has been the some of the challenges of using the iPhone as a camera?
A:  I have learnt over the years not to bother with night time shots.  Sometimes I still try, just in case the laws of light suddenly changed overnight :-)   I did get a photo of lightning with the iPhone – it took many hundreds of shots and a lot of patience.   It’s not a great shot quality wise, but I’m quite proud of it anyway. 

(The Beach)

Q: What has been the most surprising or most predictable reaction from people to your iphotographs?

A: The fact that people look at my photo’s surprised me.   I don’t really have a single style or theme of photographs.  My Flickr photostream is a bit of a mish-mash of things, to be honest, so the fact that people look at my photo’s still amazes me.

Q: What’s in your iPhone camera bag (apps)? Which one do you currently use the most often?
A:  Pano, Hipstamatic, CameraBag, Lo-Mog, TiltShiftGen, Best Camera, PS Mobile, PhotoStudio, DXP, Swankolab, Mobile Fotos, Flickr, Flickit Pro, Polarize, ezimba, FocalLab, ColorSplash, Polarize

My most used apps are Pano, Hipstamatic, TiltShiftGen, CameraBag, DXP, Swankolab and Flickit ProI never got Hipstamatic at first, and finding the “viewfinder mode” setting was the changing point.   It is now my most used app and generally the first one I go for when taking a photo.


Q: What other thoughts would you like to share?

A:I’m sure I pay way more attention to my surroundings these days – it’s because I’m always on the look out for something to photograph.  I love being a small part of the iPhoneography community and Flickr and Twitter play a huge part in that.  The quality of work out there is truly amazing and very inspiring. 


For more on Kim check out these links: 
Flicker:    http://www.flickr.com/photos/kimb0lene/
Twitter:   http://twitter.com/kimb0lene
Other:    http://kimb0lene.wordpress.com/

Thank you Kim for participating in this feature here on iPhoneogenic.tumblr.com and the iPhoneogenic Facebook Page. I am honored to have you on my blog.

Thank You!

All images shown here are copyrighted property of Kim Holloway, please contact Kim for copyright privileges.

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