iPhoneographer of the Day – Jon Del Barrio | iPhonepic

Jon Del Barrio is a man of few words.  As an iPhoneographer his work speaks volumes. I have not seen anyone else use the apps to create such beautiful hazy retro photos with their iPhone which speaks to who Jon is as an iPhoneographer.  Perhaps Jon is the best at creating that analog look that is closely associated with the medium.

Jon as simply as he can put it…

Edgar C.Q: Where are you from? Tell me about yourself?
Jon Del Barrio: I was born and raised in California.  I have spent approximately half my life in northern California and the other half in southern.  I like a good burrito and they are not as easy as you might think to find here.

EC: How did you get into iPhoneography?
JDB: A good friend of mine upgraded from the 3G to the 3Gs.  I got his 3G.  I found the photo apps and started taking pics.

EC: What does iPhoneography mean to you?
JDB: It means I can carry my camera, shoot a pic and process it all on one device.  A simple pleasure.

EC: Do you have any formal training regarding traditional photography?
JDB: No.  Just formal legal training.

EC: Who or what are your artistic influences?
JDB: Francis Ford Coppola. Ed Ruscha. William Eggleston. Dennis Hopper. Jason Lee Parry. Real Polaroids. Old photos found in a drawer.

EC: What has been the some of the challenges of using the iPhone as a camera?
JDB: The low light.

EC: What’s in your iPhone camera bag? What app(s) do you currently use the most often?
JDB: Photoforge. Film Lab. Mill Colour. Photo FX.

For more on Jon check out this link:

Tumblr:  http://iphonepic.tumblr.com/

Thank you Jon for participating in this feature here on iPhoneogenic.tumblr.com and the iPhoneogenic Facebook Page. I am honored to have you on my blog.

Thank You!

All images shown here are copyrighted property of Jon Del Barrio, please contact Andrea for copyright privileges.

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