iPhoneograpger of the Day – Gusbano (M.P.)

The iPhoneography work of Gusbano is unique and intuitive, delightful and passionate.  Gusbano’s eye for analog and B&W reveals the sense of passion while shooting with his iPhone. For these qualities Gusbano’s work remains as one of the best B&W iPhoneogrpahers on my list. 

iPhoneogenic’s Q&A with Gusbano…

(Endless swimmingpool)

Edgar C: Where are you from? Tell me about yourself?
Gusbano: I´m an Italian cinematographer living between the seaside & the alps.

EC: How did you get into iPhoneography?
MP: My first approach was about 2 years ago when I seriously began to shoot a few pictures with the iPhone, starting with portraits of friends and macros using various old analogue lenses in front of the phone lens. Time goes by and I discovered more and more the world of the photo apps.

(Another Night Out)

EC: Can you recall the first iPhoto you took that made you go WOW, I really got something here!?
MP: I remember the macro b+w shot of my eye, this was a tricky thing trough mirrors & magnifying lenses, and then after a longer conversion and an strong contrast adjustment I was quiet happy with the result of this 2mp image.


EC: What does iPhoneography mean to you?
MP: iPhoneography is for me the possibility to escape from reality and create my own point of view in an easy and playful way.

EC: Do you have any formal training regarding traditional photography?

MP: Some friends and I have the same passion for B+W analogue photography. So we started the group called analogiKa. We (E.I, Roman Nisslikov, B.Manolo, and I) rented a room and started to set up a darkroom using old stuff.

Anyway we tried to put our focus on experimenting with various techniques and materials especially in jazz, abstract, and landscape photography.

(Fighting against the sun)

EC: Who or what are your artistic influences?
MP: In traditional photography I like Josef Koudelka and James Nachtwey very much, in cinematography my influence comes without any doubt from the eastern part of our world: Polish & Russian cinematographers. Why? Because I´m again and again fascinated by their way of seeing & feeling the light in relation to the scene.

EC: Has your work been published before, if so, where? Did you ever expect your work to be noticed by the iPhoneography community?
MP: I was lucky because some of my pics were added by some wonderful iPhoneographers to their Flickr galleries, iPhoneblogs and websites. I participated on some mobile photo challenges and got some mentions; the EYE´EM shortlist and fotogriphone.com are some of them…and I would like to say thanks because I never expected it. 

(We are men)

EC: What has been the most surprising or most predictable reaction from people to your iPhotographs?
MP: The fact is that they starting to consider iPhone pics as valuable photographs, but I think that fact applies in general to maybe all mobile devices with a build in camera. The difference are the photo applications and nothing more. There are so many of them that everyone has the possibility to choose his favorites for an individual and immediate workflow.

EC: What’s in your iPhone camera bag? What app(s) do you currently use the most often?
MP: Swankolab for sure because it reminds me of the darkroom, Photofx because I like the variety of pre-installed filters, Big Button because it makes it easier press and myFilm for the simplicity of making fast adjustments. I have other 5 pages of photo apps for color correction, cropping, and others just for fun.

(The Bee)

EC: What other thoughts would you like to share?
MP: I would say thanks to you for giving me the possibility to tell something about myself and show some of my photographs. Thanks to the still growing B+W Muse [iPhone] Flickr group and their admins and members who inspire me everyday again and again with their passion and creativity.

Thank you Gusbano for participating in this feature here on iPhoneogenic, the iPhoneogenic Facebook Page, and on Twitter @iPhone0genic. I am honored to have you on my blog.

For more on Gusbano check out these links:

Tumblr: gusbano
Flickr: gusbano
Twitter: @Gusbano

All images shown here are copyrighted property of Gusbano, please contact Gusbanoe for copyright privileges.


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