iPanoramas: My Home, My City, My Country!

Instead of me saying something about Panoramas I would actually like to share what FLS sent me via email concerning Panos.

Perhaps folks think that these images are all about style and capturing a place. I have nearly a hundred of them now, and I always take them because of something wonderful that’s happening that simply can’t be caught on a single pic because of the sheer scale involved. So for me it isn’t about technique, skill, or cleverness – half the time it’s too bright to see the screen to align properly!!
As I said, I really really love these images. They bringing an incredible drama to life in a way that none of my other photos can.  These panos bring it on back to good old fashioned slack-jawed wonderment and real drama.
Some of these are like old masters. How JWM Turner kept these dramas in his head and painted them so accurately I have no idea. What a genius. For me a dawn drama is beyond beautiful and totally timeless. These are always an honor to witness and makes me feel alive!
Glad you’re doing something about Panos as I don’t see too many featured by other iPhoneographers.

Thank you FLS for providing these words, I could not have said it any better myself.

Prepare to be inspired…

Dave Ahrens

Alternate 1 – Autostitch + Cinema FX

A desolate road in Tasmania – Autostitch + Pic Grunger + PS Expess

Tas – Autostitch + Best Camera

TS Elliott

Aon Center, Chicago – AutoStitch

Trump Tower, Chicago – AutoStitch

Dave Weekes

Businessmen on a windy day

Seibo Kindergarten

Ft. Lauderdale Sun






Marc Preysch

lago maggiore – Pano + lensflare + ps express

Daniel Berman

My Tree

Kim Holloway

Portsmouth Harbour – Pano

Portsmouth Harbour all lit up at night – Pano

Charlotta Kratz

Santa Clara University – AutoStitch + PS Express

Matt Burlem

View from my flat 1 – AutoStitich

View from my flat 2 – AutoStitich

Aik Beng Chia

Welcome To Singapore I – Pano + Filterstorm + CrossProcess

Welcome To Singapore II – Pano + Filterstorm + CrossProcess

I’m No Tequila Sunrise – Pano + Filterstorm

Dixon Hamby

Field of dreams

Richard Torres

Train Set

Edgar Cuevas

Cloud Gate, Chicago – AutoStitch + FilmLab

Millennium Park Theater – AutoStitch + CrossProcess


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