iPhoneogenic’s Top 31 for 12/2010

WOW, 2010 is now behind us and what a great year it has been for iPhoneography as a whole. From Gallery shows in Oakland, California to New York to Berlin and even Singapore, iPhoneography spread across the globe like wild fire. It has been my pleasure to get to know you the “iPhoneographer” through social media outlets and here on iPhoneogenic taking part in my Q&A sessions this year.

To celebrate the end of 2010 and to inspire you in the New Year we have compiled 31 images posted/taken during the month of December. Submissions and online browsing lead to these great images. The entire selection process has been conducted by our good friend, non other than Mr. Robert Herold a brilliant iPhoneographer in his own right.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Robert for working with iPhoneogenic on this month long project, it was a real joy to work with you!

Without further ado iPhoneogenic Top 31 for December….

Emily Bemily: Walk

Caroline Blake: Disintergration

Anders Uddeskog: Cubist chair

Nacho Córdova: The Meet

Lindsey Thompson: Tree reflections

Amo Passicos: Gimme shelter from the storm

Star Rush: I will wait here for the stars to fall

Jaime Ferreyros: Look me in the eyes

Aik Beng Chia: The Square Is Not A Subconscious Form

Reservoir_Dan: Waiting on a Friend

Jordi V. Pou: Red Light on Wall

Dave Weekes: 11:04 December 21 2010

Marco La Civita: Giordano Bruno

Andrea Mdos: 4hombres

T.S. Elliott: Synapses

Robert-Paul Jansen: Connected by WWWeb

Dixon Hamby: the scream

iPhoneography London: Sledge Race

Greg Louderman: Working on Christmas

Ramona Gillentine: Zion I

Oliver Lang: 12pm

Edina Herold: Halfway

Jody Frost: Spanish dancers 1

Steve John: StepTown

Dominique Jost: winter.phantom

Edgar Cuevas: You think you’re admiring us but in actuality we’re admiring you.

Greg Briggs: Bird on a roof

Jose Chavarry: Anticipation Arrival #1

Laura Peischl: Office Hours

mutablend: wander lonely as a cloud

Suzan Mikiel Kennedy: Self Split

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