iPhoneogenic’s “Top 31” 01/2011

The new year has brought in so much inspirational work thus far. We at iPhoneogenic have been on the look-out for your best. Like always we are never let down by the work mobile photographers are producing through the lens of their iPhone. This month’s feature contain photos from artist that have graced the “Top” before as well as many first timers.

Our lead photo is by Robert-Paul. He captures a silhouette of a Black Beauty being free as can be against the contrasting snow using his beloved Hipstamatic app. ABC uses his quickness to capture lightning in a bottle in his redux of “Some Like It Hot.” While, Benjamin Vickery gives us a sense of what it’s like to backpack through the mountains of “Wander Land.” Also, T.S. Elliott gives us a back and white portrait capturing the emotion of a young hockey player in the “Penalty Box.” Finally, Daniel Berman gave us a different side of his creativity by producing what he calls “appstraction” in his piece “He Just Got Lonely.”

Around mid month we introduced our new Flickr group on Twitter and within a few hours the group had over a hundred members. If you are a Flickr member we encourage you to add iPhoneogenic to your group list. We have created the Group so you can add iPhonographic work to be considered for the “Top” feature. So please feel free join the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group. In time iPhonoegenic will begin to solely relay on work added to the group for iPhoneogenic’s “Top” feature.  So this is your best way of being featured in the future. You may now start adding and submitting your work for the month of February.

Thanks to all who participated in adding to the group and those who submitted their work to us. You have made it very though this month but we have narrowed it down to the best 31 for the month January (Photos are in no particular order). Once again, thanks to all. 

Robert-Paul Jansen: Jumping Jack

Jon Yager: Rose 5

Aik Beng Chia: Some Like It Hot (Redux)

Olly Lang: cannon misfire

Miki Ballard: Juliet.

Christopher Lazo: Big barrel of dreams.

Benedicte Guillon: St Lazare Station

Terilou: Sunset at Dante’s View

Andy C: If Yin & Yang had a fight

Benjamin Vickery: Wander Land

Kimberly Post Rowe: Acorn Hovering

Sherry Chen: Duo

Edina Herold: Cloud walking

Michael Baranovic: 438

Nettie Edwards: Out Of Signal

James: The Daily Llama

Scott Williams: winter’s crossing

Nicki Fitz-Gerald: The Fugitive

Brian S: Swim

Stéphane Mahè: Walking on the moon

Jordan Cortese: Into the woods

Gladly Beyond: Pursued

David Wong: Via Rail – Toronto – Montreal

Nicholas Corsalini: Mi madre

Jaime Ferreyros: Gone

Lady J. Fingertips: Ferris Wheel under and through the awning.

Suzan Mikiel Kennedy: Birth

Jordi V. Pou: Wind Master

Lea Zimany: Ice Daggers

T.S. Elliott: Penalty Box

Daniel Berman: He Just Got Lonely


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