Book Review

Hofffman, Allen. Create Great iPhone Photos: Apps, Tips, Tricks, and Effect. San Fransisco: No Starch Press, 2011.
New $29.95 $18.89 (Amazon) ISBN: 978-1-59327-285-2

This book is a guide to teaching you how to “create great iPhone photos.” The intention of the Author is to help educate a person who is new to the medium of iPhoneography. The book is more like a textbook you find at the university level. It is well written and separated into chapters which includes subheadings for later reference. This book is broken down into nine chapters covering the essentials of the iPhone camera, how to customize the iPhone camera with different apps like Burst Mode, a run through of major apps that create “offbeat” effects, filters, retro looks, and having fun with the apps to sharing basics, photoblogs, short bios form seven iPhoneographers, and a tiny blurb about the iPhoneography community. Also during the run through of apps Allen shows us pictures of what he is explaining, sort of like a “workflow” you see in interviews on iPhoneogenic.

Like I said the book is really well written. The explanations provided for the tips and tricks are well thought out and articulated well. I could see this book used as a required textbook in a course on iPhone/mobile photography at a high school or college campus. Think of it as a “Dummies” type book and you’ll get a picture of what the basic function of the book is about. If you are new to iPhoneography this book is highly recommended because of the great information Allen has gathered for you. Because iPhoneography is a mostly a self taught/self discovery medium I don’t think I would pick this book up on Amazon. The seasoned iPhoneographer has no need for this book because you probably already know all the tips and tricks Allen offers, plus more, like a combining/layering photos with multiple apps. The book does however makes a great addition to the personal library. Next time you and your guest(s) are sitting around the great-room take this book out and show them what the basics of iPhoneography is about.

Glad to see the work iPhoneogenic, LifeInLoFi, and Pixels hasn’t gone unnoticed, small mentions about each in the iPhoneogrphy Community page in chapter 9, thanks Allen.

Thanks to Colt @ No Starch Press for providing a copy of the book.

About the Author: Allen Huffman has been a columnist for over 15 years. He runs a photoblog at which covers things ranging from his personal work to news about iPhone photography.

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