iPhoneogenic’s Top 28 – 02/2011

Being the shortest month of the year, February has come and gone in only 28 days. To celebrate we have compiled 28 iPhonographic pieces of work created by you the iPhoneographer. This month we had a little help in the selection process form a friend of the blog, non other than Sandy/@msbluesky20, a brilliant iPhoneographer in her own right. With the help of Sandy’s keen eye we were able to agree on most of this months collection.

Our lead photo is by Dominique Jost. Looking out into the water the couple peacefully gaze on as the landscape serves as a beautiful backdrop for the soaring birds. The colors are subtle yet so striking. Jody Frost tell us a sensual story using Diptic in “Lace Shadows.” While, Fabulous street photographer Greg Schmigel conveys the the daily grind of the “blue collar / white collar” worker in NYC perfectly. Also, 365 Orbit uncovers a hidden treasure underneath a pile of tires on “19feburary2011.” Finally, Aries Lukman show us that “love is right in front of you” at all times. Open your eyes and you’ll find it.

Thanks to all who participated in adding to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group and those who submitted their work to us. You have made it very tough this month but we have narrowed it down to the best 28 for the month Feburary (Photos are in no particular order). Once again, thanks to all. 

Dominique Jost: Bird Watching

Click past the jump to view the entire post…

Marco Hannula: Näsijärvi Vol 2

Gary Cohen: Houston Airport

Jody Frost: Lace Shadows

Emily Bemily: Lady of the lake

Fort Lauderdale Sun: Seagull Rainbow

Daniel Holland: Feet Of Fate

Greg Schmigel: Blue Collar / White Collar

Nyan Jiroo: Snow Scene I

Jordan Cortese: The Professor

Sascha Unger: Walk on the bright side

Michael Baranovic: 440

Dixon Hamby: On guard

Yee Boon Peng: I’m stocked

James Velasquez: Quarter by Lamp Light

Robert-Paul Jansen: In The Distance…


Gladly Beyond: The unreal can be more real than reality

Carlein: Line of thought

Andy C: New Glory

ARCHiPhone: Walking with umbrella

Elena iPhoneography: Cosmic Dancer

365 Orbit: 19february2011

Jorge Roca: Con Maletas

MutaBlend: Many a little makes a mickle

Alessandro Greganti: Crossing the forty-fifth parallel

Paul Moore: The Show Off

Aries Lukman: Love is right in front of you

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