iPhoneogenic’s Top 31! 03/11

My goodness this month flew by so fast!

That only means one thing around here on iPhoneogenic. It’s about that time to round up the best iPhoneographic work produced during “March Madness.”

I always enjoy taking a break from delivering on the month end collection and this month is no exception. Our guest curator for the March “Top 31” is none other than Dan “The Man” Berman. Like Robert Herold, (guest curator of December 2010) I gave Dan full reigns of the selection process. I know Dan’s aesthetic and it’s similar to mine, ranging from street to landscapes. so, I was comfortable with Dan taking the helm this month. It’s a tough task to keep up with everyone’s photos but Dan championed through it and we were able put together a diverse and beautiful collection for you.

Here are a few words from Dan:

I’ve been a fan of the iPhoneogenic blog since Edgar first started posting interviews with iPhoneographers early in 2010.  I strongly feel that his collection of interviews will make a great book someday – taken as a whole they constitute an evolving snapshot into the minds of the iPhoneography community, one individual at a time.  When the monthly favorite list began I was pleased, and not at all surprised, to find such a well-curated selection each month.  The picks are always diverse, exciting and representative of the artform.  When Edgar began inviting guest curators I naturally got my nose in there to help.  And here we are with the March 2011 selections.

The month of March saw 2,670 images posted to the iPhoneogenic Flickr group.  My task was to choose 31. I tried to simply go through each page and click what caught my eye without consideration for genre, style, or who the artist might be.  Some of the images I have chosen are by people whose work was brand new to me – I was thrilled to discover so many superb pictures.  What a creative community we have here!! Clearly, there are many brilliant images out of 2,670 that I simply couldn’t fit into 31.  My job would have been much easier if we lived by a 100 day metric month.

I wish to thank Edgar for the opportunity to be a part of his iPhoneogenic world this fine month of March.  He pretty much gave me free reign to choose images as I saw fit.  He nudged me here and there and pointed out a couple that I had passed by – I thank him for that.  I hope you enjoy the images!

I want to thank Dan for sticking with me throughout the month of March and developing a collection that meets the iPhonoegenic standards. Thanks Dan all your hard work! (Also be sure to check out Dan’s work on display at the Pixels Exhibition being held this weekend at the OCCCA)

Thanks to all who participated in adding to the  iPhoneogenic Flickr Group and those who submitted their work to us. You have made this month’s selection process very tough. Continue to inspire us!

We hope you enjoy the collection!

Theen Moy: Frustration Fallout

Tom Myler: Spring

Dave Weekes: Itami

Benamon Tame: My Clockwork Heart

Bruno: Dancingwith the Stars

Jose Chavarry: Double Dutch Nuns

Roger Guetta: Flower Looking At Man

Aga Dhiyaulhaq: To The East Coast

Beryl Byrd: morning shower

Aik Beng Chia: A Little Boy Called Sanjay

Tim Stratton: Bright Horizon

Jordi V. Pou: “I’ll catch the sun for you”

Andy Royston: The Walkers

Edina Herlod: Alone in the Rain

Lindsey Thompson: Mr. Cool

3.5-Megapixel: The Rider

Paul Moore: Fire Escape

Catriona Donagh: A breakdown on the production line

Teri Lou: I will be back!

FriPics: The BW Tree

Alessandro Greganti: Words to be written, pictures to be taken and people to take care of and love, hence run!

Max T. Frame: Polygamy

Nacho Córdova: In Undivided Tenderness

Robert-Paul Jansen: Lead me to the Fire in the Sky

Star Rush: We walked beside the sea

Alan Kastner: Minnows in Tsukiji

Abi Ee: Sunset Capture

Jaime Ferreyros: Late Arrival

Emily Bemily: Tugboat in Winter

Lu_17: Hats

Jordan Cortese: Castle Hill

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