Exhibition Report: Pixels at OCCCA

Last week we told you about the opening reception of the Pixels Exhibition at OCCCA. This week are giving you a small dose of what it was like to be at the artist reception amongst some really great works.

I have invited a friend of the Blog, Patrick Shourds, to give us his insight of how it all went down on April 2nd.

Here are Pat’s thoughts and photos:

After test runs in Apple stores with only minimal visual (printed) images on display, the iPhone art form hits full stride at the OCCCA Gallery in Santa Ana.

Knox Bronson, founder of Pixels at an Exhibition, along with co-curators Maia Panos, Dan Berman, and Jeff Alu have assembled a “Visual Smorgasbord” of creative iPhone photographic talent.

A beautifully lit show, cleanly displayed by Jeff Alu, leads you along a visual and creative journey. Ansel Adams remarked, “A photograph is usually looked at…seldom looked into.” Not so at OOOCA. A steady stream of visitors reveled in a refreshing photographic medium. Overheard often, Ooh and Aah, “That was made on an iPhone!”
People lingered and pondered, and examined closely images by the likes of Dan Berman, Maia Panos, Max Berkowitz, Edgar Cuevas, Lindsy Thompson, Kimberly Post Rowe, Jose Chavarry, Unruly_E, Alan Kastner, and Knox Bronson to name just a few.

There is power in a beautifully printed image. Ansel Adams also remarked, “The negative (digital image) is the composer’s score and the print is its performance.” Oh what a performance!

Don’t miss this “visual Tour de France” of the iPhone art form.

Pixels at OCCCA -An Exhibition of iPhone Photography runs from March 31st – April 28th, 2011.

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
117 N. Sycamore
Santa Ana, CA

For more information and to view the images visit: www.pixelsoccca.tumblr.com

I would like to take this opportunity to send out a big thanks to Patrick Shourds for putting his thoughts into words for us here on iPhoneogenic! Make sure to visit his website, as Pat is also a wonderful photographer/iPhoneographer in his own right.
Thanks again Pat!

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