iPhoneogenic’s Top 30! April 2011

The Easter Bunny has come and gone. Boy did that bunny leave some beautifully adorned “Ester Eggs.” The entire month of April you, the iPhoneographer, have produced some really brilliant and consistent works of art. To narrow our search I enlisted the help of non other than my dear friend, Aik Beng Chia! ABC has been tirelessly looking out for your work on the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group to be included in this months collection.  If you know ABC, you know his eyes are trained to catch details, geometry, and shadows transmitted mostly in monochrome representations  sometimes a splash of color. For this months selection that’s just what he delivered to represent iPhoneogenic’s 30!

I want to thank Aik Beng for helping me throughout the month of April and developing a collection that meets the iPhonoegenic standards. Thanks ABC for all your hard work!

Thanks to all who participated in adding to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group and those who submitted their work to us directly. You have made this month’s selection process very tough. Continue to inspire us!

We hope you enjoy the collection!

Souichi Furusho: Image pic #08

Benedicte Guillon: Trash

Dr. Frame: Looking for a permanent center of gravity

DraMan: Sometimes A Great Notion

Stéphane Mahè: Voyage au centre de la terre

Vicente Bataller: The streetlight

Gary Cohen: A Priest With An Umbrella

Jordi V. Pou: Light Rays

Max Berkowitz: MIDNIGHT SON

Ryan Maxwell: Metro -D8

Mimi: Overcrossing

Amy Hughes: Crossing

Dominique Jost: Champions League Dreams

Kimberly Post Rowe: Memory of the blessed

Dave Weekes: Divided By Light

Unruly_E: The Maxi Trilogy, part 1

Benamon Tame: Hiding before the sight of your eyes

Boon Peng Yee: Sprinto

Star Rush: In The Zone

Dixon Hamby: Walking in the shadows of reality

Abi Ee: Opposition

Marco Hannula Photography: Girl/Racket/Moon

Greg Briggs: More Arrows

Alessandro Greganti: Morning Light

Edgar Cuevas: Anywhere But Here

Robert-Paul Jansen: This is Live

Daniel Berman: Like the Way you Groove

Andy Royston (FLS): Where there’s a will there’s a wave.

Fomin Igor: Монэ hair collection6

Nacho Córdova: young iPhoneographer, I

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