iPhoneogenic & Life In LoFi Blogs Team up for iPhoneography: Midwest Relief

On May 22, 2011, a ferocious tornado devastated the town of Joplin, Mo., killing nearly two hundred people, steamrolling a hospital, and leaving the town in ruins. The iPhoneogeic and Life in LoFi blogs have teamed up once again to present this gallery from the point of view of Clint McManaman, an iWitness of the destruction who captured the aftermath though his iPhone. We hope by presenting this gallery you will be motivated to help those like Clint by helping to raise funds for relief efforts in Joplin, Mo.

Click past the jump to find out how you can help.

Many of us are touched directly, either through friends, relatives and national pride. Many more are touched indirectly through the iPhoneographic community. Regardless, it’s hard not to be moved when watching the powerful videos and images of homes, cars, and institutions swept away — people’s livelihoods and lives. You can help. Every little bit matters — large or small. Below is a link to donate money for relief efforts through the American Red Cross. It links directly to the American Red Cross, where 100% of your donation goes.

The Big Red Button takes you to the American Red Cross

We hope our friends in the Midwest and their families, friends, and all their loved ones are safe.  iPhoneogenic and Life In LoFi hopes you find it in your heart to show what the iPhoneography community is all about and pull together once again like we all did for the Japanese relief effort. Thank you for doing whatever you can to help.

Your friends,

Edgar C.

Marty Yawnick


(But our flag was still there)


(Looking to help)


(Search & Rescue)

(For Miles)



(Discovering what’s left…)

(St. Judes looks as if it were bombed)

(Hospital beds)


(All Clear)


Thank you Clint for providing your pictures to us.

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