iPhoneogenic’s Top 31 for May 2011!

Over on Facebook during this past month there was talk about curation and selection process of iPhone photography work. Much talk was about how EYEEM’s selection for their weekly wrap up is geared toward one aesthetic and some slight favoritism. Of course there was banter from those faithful to EYE’EM and those who think their selection is poor or what not. Personally I stayed on the sidelines and watched the debate develop.

Sure iPhoneogenic’s selection of photos to feature at the end of each month is based on the aesthetic of one person (me) most of the time but it is very thought out, worked and reworked several times, until I know the collection is worth publishing. I don’t call myself a curator, I am a fan of the medium first, iPhoneographer second, and lastly I just want to showcase something I know will be pleasing to most of your eyes.  Do you all agree with my selections, I bet not, but this blog was made for my muse first and I just hoped people would appreciate the beautiful work others are producing.

I want to hear your thoughts of my selections in the comment section at the end of the post. Also leave your fellow iPhoneographers a comment too!

Okay, enough about trying to justify “curtaion,” if you don’t like it state your dysfunction but always remain respectful.
This month iPhoneogenic has turned 1 years old!!!!!!!!

To celebrate I have taken extra time to post this collection for the month of May. I was really pleased with the work May brought to the table, especially with our lead photo by Aaron Davis. “Cast a net 2” is a part of a series Aaron has created which is unbelievably phenomenal and any photo in the series would make a brilliant lead photo. Edina Herold’s “Lightfall” is a monochrome that is filled with a balance of both positive and negative spaces. I love Lumilyon’s eerie feeling of being “Hunted,” it really freaks me out. I’ve never been able to properly make use the slower shutter app but my buddy Dirk Dallas does a awesome job of using the “long exposure” brilliantly. Finally, Yoodi Djimar shows us that “the man with the gun wins” every time.

Thanks to all who participated in adding to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group and those who submitted their work to us. You have made this month’s selection process very tough. Continue to inspire us!

Also I want to thank each and every one of you for the continued support and love you have showed for the blog and your fellow iPhoneographers over the past year. This has been an incredible ride for me, from meeting people from all over the world to almost discontinuing the blog to almost selling out to a corporate institution.  Thank you all once again!

I hope you enjoy the collection!

Aaron Davis: Cast Net 2

Robert Herold: Floating Free

Robert-Paul Jansen: Long Shadow Cow

T.S. Elliott: Lonesome Highway

Edina Herold: Lightfall

Muta Blend: Fisherman’s loneliness

Chris Harland: Balancing Boy, Whitby, Yorkshire

Jason Blake: 3334                                           

K!ko Gnou: The Hunting Of The Shark

Nicholas Corsalini: Jump

Marco La Civita: Not for sale

Tom Myler: Playground

Sascha Unger: Appearance

Lumilyon: Hunted                                    

Chun Tong Chung: Untitled

Juluc: Rinse

Michael Andrade: Mama, Just Killed A Man…..

Jennifer Ford: Hansel and Gretel make their way home

Jose Chavarry: Abyss

Amo Iphoneography: Lively

Dirk Dallas: Long Exposure

Alessandro Greganti: The Archer

Donna French: Untitled

Alexander Kesselaar: 662

Andy C: Enough Already

Laura Peischl: Through the night into the light

Carlein: Calculated Surroundings

Aik Beng Chia: Silent Still

Yoodi Djimar: The man with the gun wins

Sherry Chen: Live for Decay                                         

Amy Hughes: Increasing Wisdom

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