London Apple talk July 11th, 7PM

Pixels has opened the doors to many iPhononeography talks/shows in the chain of Apple Stores across the world.
Now for the first time ever on British soil, the Regent St. Apple Store in London, England will play host to an iPhoneography talk with four of London’s best iPhone street photographers. Among them are two past featured artist here on iPhoneogenic, Daniel Holland and Matthew Burlem along with the brilliant Robson Santos and a new one to me, Leyla Bile.

(Phoster created by EdiCaves)

Congratulations to all on this wonderful feat! Another small step for man and a giant leap for iPhoneography!


From the press release:

At 7pm on 11th July, the Apple Store on Regent Street will be hosting an iPhoneography event to highlight four talented members of the London iPhoneography Group who will be showing their work and discussing how they use their iPhones for street photography in London: Daniel Holland, Robson Santos, Matthew Burlem and Leyla Bile.

We’re very excited about this because it will be the first iPhoneography event in an Apple Store in England, and also because it will coincide with the first ever London Street Photography Festival which runs from 7th to 17th July. There have been superb iPhoneography events in other Apple Stores around the world, and we’re very pleased to be able to do one of our own in London.

As administrator of the London iPhoneography Group and a keen iPhoneographer and Londoner, I’m providing support for this event (but not showing photos this time).
-Matt Brock

Thank you to Matt Brock for being very much involved in this venture even though his work will not be showing at this time.

For more on these artist follow these links:

Daniel Holland (Danny Dutch)
Robson Santos (iPhoneography London)
Matthew Burlem
Leyla Bile

London iPhoneography Group
London Street Photography Festival

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