iPhoneogenic’s Top 30 for June 2011!

Over the past month of June we saw well over 1700 images add to the iPhoneogenic group pool. Many new artist joined and shared their work as well as the usual suspects continued to add as well.
This version in the series of monthly collections is a few days late due to the four day weekend we have here in the U.S. Yes I had a long weekend and needed some much needed rest.
I have also been ill the past few weeks so I haven’t had much time to update the blog with new Q&A’s.

Our lead photo is one in which encompasses the very nature of iPhoneography where “you create the world of the dream” like AikBeng brilliantly portrays. I love how this suggest how iPhoneography allows you to be the architect of your photos and create your wildest dreams. Next, Who said tough guys don’t have feelings and don’t allow themselves to be vulnerable, just ask “JACOB + CHICA” by Max Berkowitz. Then, Kim Holloway shows us that beauty can be found during the “end of days” when death catches up to all things living. Also, Jaime Ferreyros finds the “seabed secrets” hidden away on the abstract sandy sores of Miami. Lastly, Dixon Hamby witnesses one of those allusive pole adverts “caught in the act.”

Thanks to all who participated in adding to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group and those who submitted their work to us. You have made this month’s selection process very tough. Continue to inspire us!

I hope you enjoy the collection!

AikBeng Chia: You create the world of the dream….


Souichi Furusho: Image pic #30

Rob “unruly-e”: What did you say Daisy dear? I was busy listening to the sun.

Nattapon Yongpaiboon: P43

Max Berkowitz: JACOB + CHICA

Benamon Tame: Without Hope. Unseen Watchers Remix

Mansi: Chasing Dreams

Jenbeez: As the crow flies

Chris Harland: Harehills – No.1, Leeds, Yorkshire

Bryan Pahia: the once mighty fleet

Linda Schenck: Untitled

DraMan: The Moment That Time Converged

Marco La Civita: Pase de pecho

James Clarke: Rivets in Blue

Kim “Kimb0lene”: End of Days

Kimberly Post Rowe: Clematis

krapoz: bend my wings – coming back to you

K!ko Gnou: ZD

HVP_iPhone: Watching for the Moon

Andy “Muldwych”: Lonesome walk

Toto Photos: Red Tulip

Luxtra: Two Chairs

Jaime Ferreyros: Seabed Secrets

Star Rush: Plush

Brian S: Crossing

Ivan Sciupac: Morning routine

lolo: Random

boon peng yee: Genting

Dixon Hamby: Caught in the act

Robert “Marquis Cha Cha”: Untitled

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