A mentor is gone!

On Saturday July 16th 2011 the iPhoneography community lost a very special person. Nathaniel “Nacho” Cordova, 46, was involved in a car accident that took his life.

I am sadden by this news as Nacho and I were just beginning to embark on a friendship that extending beyond mobile photography. I told Nacho that his work and words are a true inspiration not only to me but countless others. In replay he said, “thanks for your note and for such high praise. Not sure how inspirational I am or can be.” This just goes to show how humble and down-to-earth he was.

Back in April of this year I had the opportunity to pass along my Q&A to Nacho where he shares a little glimpse into his life, work, and thoughts. Please take some time to remember Nacho by reading this interview where he graciously shares his story with us all.

His work, intelligence, eloquence, and overall being will be missed by the iPhoneography community. My condolences go out to his Wife, family, and friends.


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