iPhoneogenic’s Top 31 for July 2011!

With July passing by we are now half way through the year of 2011. The month of July has produced a vast number of quality iPhoneography images and it was difficult to narrow down iPhoneogenic’s “Top” masterpieces.
The collection features many landscapes, abstracts, silhouettes, close ups, color and black & white iPhone photography.

Our lead photos is shot and processed by the fabulous Cindy Patrick. She is no stranger to the iPhoneography arena but this is her first appearance on iPhoneogenic. Cindy has produced a wonderful series of entitled “Arc of the Diver” and “Into the Light of a Turquoise Night” happens to be a brilliant piece. Next Darren Page shows us a stark contrast in the “Field of 2 sides.” Walking along the beach Dirk Dallas catches someone leaving their “footprints” in the sand which always remind us of summertime fun. Danna French takes us to “sacred places” in a beautiful and tender portrait. Finally, Casper van Nierop captures a gorgeous silhouette of a child swinging while overlooking a beach, which sums up summer for us at iPhoneogenic, that is always having a great time and capturing life’s moments.

Thanks to all who participated in adding to the  iPhoneogenic Flickr Group and those who submitted their work to us. You have made this month’s selection process very tough. Continue to inspire us!

I hope you enjoy the collection!
Cindy Patrick: Into the Light of a Turquoise Night

Anders Uddeskog: The Road

Paul Moore: Harvest’s End

Dave Weekes: Shaft

Darren Page: Field of 2 sides

かちかち: Underground People

Andy Royston: Under a mackerel sky

Andy C: St Paul’s Cathedral

Fabio D’Andrea: Sunflowers

Jordi V. Pou: Black and Light

Dirk Dallas: Footprints

Robert-Paul Jansen: the Clouds, passing line after line after line.

Manfred M: Untitled

T.S. Elliot: Approaching Chicago

Chris Harland: High Tide Waves (No.2)

Photogenix Lincoln: Splish Splash

Jeffrey: Nightmare

Chun Tong Chung: Untitled

Lindsey Thompson: Peeking

Jose Chavarry: Drawn in by the mystery

Tim Stratton: Fields of Gold

Maya Newman: Eyewitness

Jennifer Bracewell: The fast ride at the fun fair

Donna French: Sacred Places

Amo Iphoneography: Mensch. Sound check.

Benamon Tame: He bent his back in pain as the machine within fought and tore its way awake.

Michael Sutton: Day 105 of 365

Krapoz: you, too.

Daniel Berman: Alcatraz

Laura Peischi: Living in a Bubble

Casper van Nierop: Untitled

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