iPhoneogenic’s Top 31 for August 2011!

What a heat wave it’s has been here in the States! To beat the heat we have complied a collection of image that will surely keep you indoors for awhile.

I’m proud to say that this month’s collection is a stunner and you have Robert-Paul Jansen, a brilliant iPhoneographer in his own right, to thank as he took control of the selection process for the month of August.  Robert-Paul graciously took on this daunting task of surveying your work as I take some time to get acclimated to the rigors of a new semester of University studies.  Thank you RPJ for making my life a bit easier during this transition.

And now a few words from Robert-Paul:

I was very honored when Edgar asked me to do the selection for this months photos for iPhoneogenic. It was fun looking at all the photos and I was amazed with the quality of them. I had a hard time choosing 31, I could have easily chosen 100 or more excellent photos.

I always check this Group for some iPhone photos, but never had seen them all.

The good thing about iPhoneogenic is the variety in photos. The only thing they have in common is that they must be taken with an iPhone in the month of August [and subsequent months]. I have noticed that the month August in New York can be quite different than the same month in Melbourne. It was also good to see so much diversity in the processing of an image.

I am very proud of the list I have created and thank all contributors for uploading their awesome photos. To mention a few, the Photo “Evan, 2 days old” by Chris Harland has so many great details and excellent lighting. The magnificent Unruly_E with ‘We said good night to Irene and drifted off sawing logs’ has a story behind it (Hurricane Irene) and Kert Gartner’s “Balloon Man” has superb framing.

Thanks to all who participated in adding to the  iPhoneogenic Flickr Group and those who submitted their work to us. You have made this month’s selection process very tough. Continue to inspire us!

I want to thank Robert-Paul once again for being this months special guest contributor on iPhoneogenic. You’ve been a great deal of help!

We hope you enjoy the collection!

  Chris Harland: Evan, 2 days old

  Clint Cline: Sail on, oh ship of fools

  Chun Tong Chung: Untitled

  Marianne Surlemont: sunset over léman

  Dominique Jost: Residues

  Andy Royston:  Hey buddy. Got any loaves and fishes?

  Lindsey Thompson: Pretty Green

  Dixon Hamby: no parking ever

  Jordan Cortese: Golden Girls

  Jennifer Ford: waiting for you

  Nicki Fitz-Gerald: Fisherman’s Blues

  Marco La Civita: Oggi non piove, Ermione

  Jim Darling: Alex

  Greg Briggs: Under lights

  Chris: Therealthing

Jordi V. Pou: Mirror

Ishutter Guy: The Designer III

  Stéphane Mahè: The birds

  Robson Santos: Crossing the Sky

Manfred M: Untitled

James: High Fliers

  Alessandro Greganti: Four Windows

    Sion Fullana: We Were Strangers Once 

  Yammay: Urban graphic

Daniel Berman: Dignity II

    Carlein  van der Beek: Fishes are birds only water is not like the air

  James Drury: eau water

Kim Holloway: Cityscape Sunset

Edgar Cuevas: For years she’s heard the rumbles of the rails

Rob unruly-e: We said good night to Irene and drifted off sawing logs.

  Kert Gartner: Balloon Man

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