iPhoneogenic’s Mobile Photographers/Artists of 2011!

The art of mobile photography rose to new heights in 2011!

There were more exhibitions than ever. Many prints and books were sold. The community suffered the tragic loss of Nathaniel “Nacho” Cordova, whose memory will live forever in us.  There were gorgeous tributes to Nacho, including a book created by members of iPhone Art, available on blurb.  Several collectives emerged. New artists came onto the scene, challenging veterans to step it up. Through it all, many artists stayed consistent in their work and continued to push the limits of the medium. We would like to recognize those artists here.

iPhoneogenic created a list of 50 of the most promising, influential, creative, and encouraging mobile photographers/artists out there plus one honorary member, Nacho. The process of deliberating who and why a person should be on the list took a matter of four weeks. Many listed were unanimously agreed upon while others took some debating. Clicking on an individual’s name or photo will redirect you to their Flickr photostream.

*Artists are not ranked in order from the number 1 artist to the 50th rather they are in alphabetical order by first name (except for Nacho).

Nacho Cordova

Alan Kastner

AikBeng Chia

A.C. Thomas

Anders Uddeskog

Andy Chapman

Andy Royston

Ale Di Gangi

Benamon Tame

Benedicte Guillon

Bruno Bazzo

Bryan Pahia

Catherine Restivo

Catriona Donagh

Carlein van der Beek

Chris Harland

Christopher Lazo

Cindy Patrick

Clint Cline

Daniel Berman

Dave Weekes

Dirk Dallas

Dutch Doscher

Edina Herold

Edgar Cuevas

Emily Rose

Greg Briggs

Greg Schmigel

Ichiro Koide

Jaime Ferreyros

Jennifer Bracewell

Jennifer Ford

Jose Chavarry

Jordi V. Pou

Kimberly Post Rowe

Liz Grilli

Lindsey Thompson

Lu Guada

MaryJane Sarvis

Max Berkowitz

Misho Baranovic


Nettie Edwards

Paul Moore

Robert Herold

Robson Santos

Robert-Paul Jensen

Roger Guetta

Rob Unruly-e

Star Rush

Souichi Furusho

Let us know if you think we left someone out and why, thanks.

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