Event News: Distortions | iPhoneography Show

On February 2, 2012 friends of the blog, Unruly_e and Robert Herold, opened their joint iPhoneography exhibition, “Distortions.” This show is a vision shared by both artists where unexpected beauty is found in everyday moments. The exhibitions is in conjunction with Lost Nation Theater’s Winterfest and will run through February 26, 2012.

Big congrats on the show my friends, it’s sure to be a great success!

From the Press Release:

The Gallery at Lost Nation Theater is excited to announce that the international, award-winning iPhoneography show “Distortions” will light up its space in concert with Lost Nation Theater’s Winterfest! 2012.

Show: Distortions – Award-winning images from two cultures to celebrate the beauty of the unexpected in the ordinary.

Media: iPhoneography (an emerging media sometimes known as “mobile photography”, utilizing the iPhone as the sole platform for collecting and manipulating images).

Artists: Unruly-e (Vermont, USA) and Róbert Herold (Pécs, Hungary)

Timing: Running concurrent with LNT’s Winterfest! (Thursdays through Sundays, February 2nd through February 26th), the show/gallery will be open 1-1/2 hours before curtain time. Alternatively, interested folks may call the theater at 802-229-0492 to arrange a special viewing appointment with the artists.

Location: The Gallery at Lost Nation Theater is located in City Hall Auditorium Arts Center (second floor, in the lobby space of the theater), 39 Main Street, downtown Montpelier, Vermont.

What is iPhoneography?

iPhoneography is an approach to the art of photography that – as with all prior forms – embraces new tools and techniques as part of the creative quest. This emergent medium challenges the artist to use the iPhone as the sole tool for capturing, processing, and publishing photographs.

There is something inspiring about shooting with a simple fixed lens and few physical controls, all on a device that fits in the pocket and serves a wide variety of other purposes. One also discovers the highly personal aspect of doing all the editing in the palm of their hand. It is an intimate and highly satisfying journey that in many ways transcends the darkroom or Photoshop experience. Add the simplicity and the social aspects of posting from the same device, and this all-in-one package for capturing, processing and publishing makes the iPhone a compelling platform.

About the Artists


Unruly-e’s formal studies cover a breadth of disciplines and media. The works in this show are exclusively iPhoneography.

Uruly-e was named one of the top 50 mobile photographers of 2011 by iPhoneogenic, had one of unruly-e’s images chosen as a best-of 2011 by Lifein LoFi, and was a semi-finals for the 2011 IPA Mobile Art Award Grant. The artist has been featured at P1xels At An Exhibition, iPhoneogenic, and iPhoneart; appeared in the “Style without Boundries” gallery show at the 2011 London Design Festival; has had several works chosen for accolades at iPhoneography (UK), Eye’em (Germany), LifeInLofi (US), Bickr (UK), PixelsAtAnExhibition (US), and fotoigriPhone (Italy); and teaches advanced iphoneography techniques at iPhoneographyCentral. Most recently, the artist won the “Filterstorm” category of the 2011 International Mobile Photo Awards (MPA) with a post-Irene image, which will travel as part of the MPA exhibits.

(Until the bricks started to melt in the rain)

(We said good night to Irene and drifted off sawing logs)

Robert Herold (_HerRo)

Robert is a Hungary-based mobile photographer. He carries great pride in taking and editing all of his works exclusively on an iPhone.

Robert’s images have been exhibited throughout the United States and he currently has two works in the Miami iPhoneography Exhibition. Robert was tagged one of the top 50 mobile photographers of 2011; he was named featured artist on both iPhoneogenic and P1xels At An Exhibition; several of his images were showcased at PixelsAtAnExhibition, fotogriPhone, iPhoneogenic, Life In LoFi, and EyeEm; and he has had multiple works appear in print media. Most recently, Robert won the “Digital Art & Collage” category of the 2011 International Mobile Photo Awards (MPA) and two of his images will part of the traveling MPA exhibits.

(The life before us)

(The Visitation Of Mr Horatius)


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