StoryTellers by @EdiCaves

There has been some interest about my lastest image entitled: “Pueden pasar tres mil años. Puedes besar otros labios, pero nunca te olvidaré.” Translated as:”3 thousand years may pass. You may kiss another, but I’ll never forget.” So, I would like to take this opportunity to share the vision behind the work.
This will also offer an opportunity for you to share your story and process about a particular image or series of work you have created, here on iPhoneogenic in a new feature I am calling StoryTellers!

It was captured using the native camera on my 4s in Katy Mills Mall. I usually don’t shot inside mall spaces but I couldn’t resist the lines that confronted me as I walked along the interior of the mall. In the distance I was intrigued by the the light that reflected off the surface directly in the middle of the two lines. I also noticed the couple walking very closely together. I didn’t mind anything else within the shot because in my mind I already saw the end result. Part of me wanted an element of surrealism Souichi brings to his work while adding my usual light streaks. While working on the image I thought about life and being committed to someone. The end of life and what happens to the ones we love. Also being called into the light so to speak, hence the saturated negative space. When I app I will usually play music which helps bring a sense of emotion and thought process I can’t get without listening to music. For this image I looped a particular song in the background and the lyrics captivated me, which lends itself well for the title of the image.
Below is the original.

Step 1:  The first thing I did was study the elements present in the shot. Which were the leading lines, the light, and the couple. In order to keep the focus on those three elements I decided to import the image into touchRetouch. There I removed all traces of human life except the two in the center off in the distance. I didn’t mind if things were not removed completely because I knew in the next step that they would be blended together.

Step 2:  Next I imported the retouched image into one of my favorite apps of all time, Blur FX! While in Blur FX, I love to use the median blur. I decided this would work well for what I wanted. I set the blur type slider to about three quarters and proceeded to “clean” away the fx while using the “show mask” function as a guide. I cleaned the couple and the light that was being reflected off the surface and slightly some blur from the leading lines.

Step 3:  I then opened that version of the image in another favorite, Photo FX (by Tiffen). One of my favorite things to do in this app is to add streaks. I knew that would be the essential fx that would make this image work, keeping with light theme. I ran it through “Vertical 3” twice adjusting the brightness and vertical streaks sliders each time. After being satisfied with the streaks, I added a layer of bleach to the image within the same app. I set the slider to 100% under amount in “Bleach Bypass 3” while also making the tiniest of adjustments to the saturation.

Step 4:  In the last step I cropped the image using Cropulator, using the 1:1 ratio. Cropulator is one of the best cropping tools in my opinion. It specializes in all things cropping that in-app cropping can’t do in many apps.

What I don’t like to do is make things complicated with my images. Many of us (guilty at times) sometimes ruin a good thing by over using the grunge fx or layering elements that don’t work in favor of the image. For this particular image simplicity was the key for me. What I created through these apps is what I envisioned at the beginning. That being a focus on the path we take in life, guided by a higher power perhaps, and a commitment to one another. I am satisfied with barley being able make out what is off in the distance, the couple disappearing into the light after searching for truth and love for one another during a lifetime together and reuniting in another life.
Final image below.

(Pueden pasar tres mil años. Puedes besar otros labios, pero nunca te olvidaré.)

If you have a story you would like to share, please email me at I would love to hear it and share it with others!

Hope you enjoyed the story and process behind this image. Thanks for reading!

All images shown here are copyrighted property of the artist and are published on all iPhoneogenic outlets with the consent of the artist, please contact Edi Caves for copyright privileges.

Published 02/20/2012


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