Event News: WiAM’s iPhone Photo Show Opens February 24th

I hope you’re ready for yet another step forward in the movement to legitimize mobile photography/art in the eyes of the general public. WiAM (Worldwide iPhoneography Art Movement) is lunching their first annual photo exhibition in Naples, Italy this weekend . The show consist of 34 participating artists with two images each. Of the 34, three are the organizers of the show and will be showing multiple pieces. If you haven’t taken a look at the photo gallery of the showcase, make sure you do because the work is stunning.

From the press release:

Photography as you’ve never imagined before: from reality to the Internet and vice versa…

WiAM Worldwide iPhoneography Art Movement The first iPhone Photo Show event will take place in Naples from 24/02/2012 to 26/02/2012.

The first photography show dedicated to images produced using only the iPhone arrives in ITALY and in particular in NAPLES thanks to a group of Italian photographers who founded the artistic and international movement of iPhoneography art known as WiAM (Worldwide iPhoneography Art Movement).

WiAM’s first iPhoneography exhibition, the ‘iPhone Photo Show’ is an initiative that aims to bring this way of doing photography and art closer to the Italian public.

his community, until now virtual, will present this event in Naples on Friday, February 24, 2012.

The WiAM art movement reflects on an innovative reality that continues to gain adherence every day and grows through its members passion and enthusiasm to share art with others through the Internet.

Until now these artists have formed a virtual community with this new and creative photographic vision and WiAM members, who are both amateur and professional photographers, aim to capture and reveal the hidden beauty that exists in all our daily lives iPhoneography becomes the meeting point and dissemination of this new movement and the connection between the online and offline worlds of photography.

This project will initiate a series of annual iPhone Photo Shows to exhibit the work of WiAM smartphone photographers with the goal of promoting this community, to spread their artistic creations and to promote the use of photography as a tool for communication and social transformation.

This event will bring smartphone photography back to the physical world when prints will be exhibited and will also be available for purchase in limited editions. There will be additional activities in each WiAM event such as conferences and workshops, fashion shows, musical performances and so on to create opportunities for interaction and learning and collaboration around this unique aesthetic experience for any lover of photography and new forms of art in general.

What should surprise many people is the quality of the exhibited images, the result of the artistic vision of the photographer and the quality of the prints combined with a professional installation.

WiAM Worldwide iPhoneography Art Movement The first iPhone Photo Show event will take place in Naples from 24/02/2012 to 26/02/2012.

A panel of WiAM members including founding member Mariano Luchini (creative photographer and journalist from Naples) and Rosanna Cappiello (Italo-English fine art and documentary photographer who resides in the UK), have selected 34 artists, both national and international photographers who have opted to use Apple’s smartphone, the iPhone, as a creative tool.

For this first exhibition of iPhoneography art, the selection was made from over 1000 international members who make up the movement.
A total of 80 photographs will be exhibited at the event that will present the personal work of 34 artists.

The exhibition will take place in the artistic photography gallery of the “CANTIERE” Art restaurant, in the hills of Vomero in Naples.

The Open Day is scheduled for February 24th at 19:30 when the show opens to the public. There are also other activities planned that will allow interaction between the online community and exhibition guests.

Shortlist of praticating artists (in first name order):

1.  Andrea Bigiarini
2.  Andy Royston
3.  Arjan van der Horst
4.  Cara Gallardo Weil
5.  Christine Mignon
6.  Christophe Gremaud
7.  Clint Cline
8.  Cynthia Westover
9.  Edi Caves
10. Fiona Christian
11. Giuseppe Navone
12. Hans Borghorst
13. Helen Carter
14. Karen Divine
15. Lene Basma
16. Leor Levine
17. Mariano Luchini
18. Mark Allan Smith
19. Massimo Bortolini
20. Natali Prosvetova
21. Nettie Edwards
22. Paul Moore
23. Paul Posadas
24. Renato Luchini
25. Roberto Murgia
26. Robin Sweet
27. Roger Clay
28. Roger Guetta
29. Rosanna Cappiello
30. Rudy Vogel
31. Sean Hayes
32. Shelly Yoga
33. Shirley Drevich
34. Thérèse Cherton

For more information contact:

mariano.luchini@gmail.com (Mariano)
lupoeluna78@yahoo.com (Rosanna)
Facebook: WiAM – Worldwide iPhoneography Art Movement
Twitter: @Wiam_Italy

Published on 02/22/2012

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