iPhoneogenic’s Top 29 For February 2012

The month of February sought over twenty-two hundred images added to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group. From those, I have maneged to select a leaping 29 fantastic images and photographs.

Our lead image is one with a very poignant message. Stephanie Meckfessel’s beautiful self portrait shows “Grief” and sorrow after learning of the passing of one of her dear friends. It’s a wonderful reminder of life’s precious moments, be thankful for those we love. What happens those we loose? Some ancient cultures believe they become apart our night’s sky. Perhaps “The Star Counter,” by Edina Herold may know. Next, in the midst of pain and sorrow Mutablend’s brilliant image shows us that we must keep “Reaching for the Sky” because that’s what our lost loved ones would want. Then, Daniel Berman’s appsract tells us it’s okay to take “two more steps” forward after our initial step toward happiness. Finally, once we’ve coped and “Conquered” there is no greater feeling to know that our loved ones are in a much better place as Dirk Dallas photograph may suggest. Along the way there are other stunning images ranging from dreamscapes and abstracts to portraits and street photography and beyond by artists such as Souichi Furusho, Roger Guetta, Alexey Ovsyannikov, Laura Peischl, Amo Iphoneography and many more.

I hope you enjoy this collection and find some inspiration here.

Thanks to all who submitted to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group . You made this month’s selection process very tough. Please keep them coming in!

Stephanie Meckfessel: Grief

JQ Gainws: Flower (02)

Rachel Marie: Untitled

Tevor: William’s Chapel | Alto, TX

George Politis : sadness is my luxury

Edina Herold : The Star Counter

Roger Guetta: Portrait X

Brian Eaves: Napping 2

Alexey Ovsyannikov: …

Jay Harvey: Weightless

Mutablend: Reaching for the Sky

Yuriy Leskiv: DayNight

Bruno Bazzo: Untitled

Brian Schatko: Untitled

Lynette Jackson: No._371

Souichi Furusho: Image pic #57

Anthony Danielle: be cool

Hassan Kiyany: Art of Tower

Michael Andrade: The KKK Took My Baby Away

Laura Peisch: Thinking

Daniel Berman: Two More Steps


Andy Chapman: Explorers

Tuana Azi: You’ve tried to forget the past for so long, but it has caused you nothing but unhappiness.

Robin Pope: Guarded Horse

Amo Iphoneograpy: Marseillan

ZeHak: Untitled

Susan Blase: Ice Planet


Dirk Dallas: Conqueredphoto

16 responses to “iPhoneogenic’s Top 29 For February 2012

  1. Once again, its an great honor to be along side such wonderful works!!! And to be recognized on your site. It keeps me going!!! This month was a challenge for me to be creative so it is a good motivator :)
    Congrats to everyone else!!!


  2. Omygosh! Thanks so much for including my image among this super talented group! How exciting. Congratulations to you all, and thanks to Edgar for giving us this moment to shine. :)


    • Yours was a last minute inclusion. I’m glad I found it when I did. It couldn’t have a great collection without yours so, thank you!!!


  3. Thanks Edgar for including my image as one of the best for February. Congratulations to the others who were selected. I continue to be inspired by all the incredible art created in the mobile photography community.


    • My pleasure LJ!! I could have included any one of ur images for the month of Feb. Your work is truly exceptional!!!


  4. Edgar. Thank you so much for the recognition and most of all the recognition of other like minded iPhone users.
    I am always blown away by the awesome talent and creativity of the iphoneographers who push the boundaries with their vision and creativity.
    It’s sites like yours that both inspire and motivate.
    Thank you again!


    • I’m glad you are one of those artists in which you speak of, and please consider yourself as so!
      Your work is fantastic, keep it up!!
      And it’s my pleasure to have your image included in the collection!


  5. Edgar,

    My BIG thanks for including my shot in this list of wonderful works.

    I’m very honoured to be in this iPhotoFamily.

    My best congrats to all authors!!!

    Thanks one more time, Edgar, for this moment!



  6. Have been out of the loop lately. Thank you for selecting my work, Edi! Very honored to be among such artists. Congratulations everyone!!


    btw: my image seems very stretched


    • Hey George! glad you were able to at least stop by and see your image amongst the collection.

      I’ll look into seeing why it’s “stretched”


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