Storytellers by Christian Peacock

As many of you in the mobile photography community may already know the beautiful and talented mobile photographer, Jody Frost, is receiving treatment to battle cancer. With that said, in this installment of Storytellers professional and mobile photographer Christian Peacock, a close friend of Frost, shares his intimate story of documenting the on going fight of overcoming the tribulation Frost is undergoing, with a thirst for life and positive attitude.

Christian Peacock – Intimacy and the iPhone:

Photographs have always been a marker in time for me. I remember taking my first photo when I was five years old sitting on my father’s shoulders in Yosemite. Capturing what’s in front of me and recording my life with a camera is in my DNA. People who are close to me become a life long subject. Looking at these photos take me back to places in my memories of the moment. Using the iPhone to capture markers in time has become more convenient. The iPhone is always in my pocket. It’s unobtrusive. It’s ubiquitous. Because of that I can sometimes become more intimate with my subject. This small device is so accepted in our culture that most pretences fall by the wayside. People tend to be more themselves when the iPhone comes out of my pocket.

This brings me to my very dear friend Jody Frost. We became friends because of our mutual love for art, photography, and images captured with the iPhone. Jody is very use to being in front of the camera. Being a beautiful woman she had been photographed all her life. With those experiences comes a certain preset list of expressions, poses, and self-awareness. The more I got to know her, the more I was able to capture authentic photos of her being. Soon an intimacy would come. A time
of trusts and total acceptance. A photo capture at that time becomes an authentic moment. We were able to capture these genuine photos before she was diagnosed with cancer. With the onset of her fight we never discussed if I should document her journey. It just happens, because she is a part of my life and I take photographs. It’s just acceptance among friends.

Most of the photos are shot with a DSLR because of the fantastic technical capabilities of the Nikon d3s. This is important to know as how I roll. I love a good crafted piece of art. Be it photographs, painting. Architecture or music, I appreciate the skilled hand of the artist. I love results of a thoughtful and practiced hand. From this comes beauty. This goes for people as well. Jody represents beauty in its purest form. Her beauty goes way deeper than skin deep. It goes down to an understanding of life and appreciation of what is around her, of course she has her demons and fears. This is what makes her human. What make our photos together so compelling is her trust in herself and in me. Because of that trust there can be an intimacy with the moment and captured with the camera.

While Jody was in the hospital coping with the heinous side effects of chemo and radiation I would shoot a few images from time to time with my iPhone. This was very challenging for me because I am in the trenches with her as well as trying to document her journey. It’s a hard place to straddle, emotionally and technically, but it’s also the most precious of places as for intimacy of the moment. Using the iPhone to capture the marker in time was the perfect tool at that moment.

As for post-production on these types of photos I take, I tend to do minimal processing of the image. That is because these photos I shoot with my eye and heart are the evidence of how I felt at that moment of capture. Sometimes these photos may not be pretty, but there are always truthful to how I see things.

This single photo of Jody was shot during one of her most trying of times with pain. She tries to cope with meditation and relaxation, along with some very powerful pain medications pumped into her body. What moves me the most about this photo is that there is still evidence of an inner strength and magnificence in her soul, even in the midst of so much abuse on her body, there is grace and beauty.

I want to thank Jody Frost first for allowing us to post such personal information about her life. Thank you to Christain as well for letting us in on his thoughts and words here on iPhoneogenic’s Storytellers.

All images shown here are copyrighted property of the artist and are published on all iPhoneogenic outlets with the consent of the artist, please contact Christian Peacock for copyright privileges.

Published by: Edi Caves 03/12/2012


15 responses to “Storytellers by Christian Peacock

  1. christian – I met you in the elevator on the way up to see Jody. Your authentic, gentle and easy manner makes it easy to like and trust you – no wonder my baby sister embraced your presence on this journey. You have a gift and I am grateful you have been such a steady friend and support for her.


    • Orlena – I am so glad to have met you in the elevator that day, but was most remarkable was when the oncologist took both of us to side to have a very frank discussion within minutes of arriving to visit Jody. I think he saw something in the two of us that he trusted. I will honor that and hold it most dear.


  2. This is heartbreaking… Christian, please let Jody know that she has many friends in the iPhoneography community whose thoughts and prayers for healing and strength are coming her way. A powerful image.


  3. Christian, if you are hoping to evoke a profound emotional response with these photos, you have done it. Looking at this image forms a hard knot deep in my chest that breaks and slowly runs through me like honey – warm and sad and sweet. Thank you. Jody, I also want to thank you for sharing so deeply of yourself with these images. May you continue to fight valiantly against this unwelcome intruder and may you be completely victorious.


    • Tracy – I still remember that wonderful day we spent at Glide Memorial church with Charlie and Marcia. Going to church is one thing, it’s just sitting in the pews and listening, but it’s another thing to go out and make a difference.


  4. Jody is a bastion of strength and a beautiful person. Many of us could learn a lot about love for life, grace in the face of fear and true beauty. What a lovely piece. I am lucky to call both you and Jody friends. Love and light to both of you and prayers for Jody’s health. <3


  5. I continue to be so deeply touched that my journey touches others in such a way. It makes me so aware of how we are all connected and that no one need suffer alone. The love and encouragement from my family, close and far, friends near and dear and this broad social network proves there is power in numbers and that what lifts one, lifts all! Again, I thank Christian for capturing and sharing this journey with such a generous spirit,


    • Jody-What do I write, when we have shared so much? Maybe just a public proclamation of your strength, insight, humanity and spirit. I am one of your biggest fans and I am just a channeling of your journey.


  6. Good photo, Christian. There is no conflict between being there completely for Jody and also using your photographers heart and skill to document her experience in its pain and glory. And of course, as you say, Jody has been photographed all her life and if we all didn’t continue to do so we’d be dishonoring her remarkable journey.


    • Peter- You have a good response to my comment about conflict, but the conflict I have is being too close to Jody and not trusting myself with an accurate portrayal of events. Yes indeed Jody is beautiful, but it has also been agreed between Jody and I that I see beauty in everything, so the deeper question is, “Is this journey with Jody an accurate portrayal or just my interpretation of it?” After seeing Mike’s photos of Jody leaving the hospital, I don’t need to worry. Jody’s beautiful no matter what the circumstances or who it taking the photos


  7. This is brilliant Christian and such a powerful tool to share with Jody and us all to get a glimpse inside her very arduous journey and of her incredible strength and seemingly never ending positive attitude allowing us to see her at her most difficult and vulnerable moments, not afraid to be all of what she is. You are individually and together powerful role models inspiring to us all!

    Many thanks!!


    • Michele – Thank you so much for your kind words? I only have one question, will you teach me to tango or will I have to count on Greg?


  8. so beautiful, Christian! I am watching Jody’s progress from afar and I thank you for sharing. my love is with all of you…ALL. “Tug on anything at all and you’ll find it connected to everything else in the universe.” ~John Muir

    I’m tugging!


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