LensFare Promo Code Giveaway

The popular LensFalre app by BrainFeverMedia just got better!

https://i0.wp.com/acdn.500px.net/339736/231f69e58602aa0fc0b5f0b6825cc96abf476dcf/1.jpg As of a March 20th, 2012 LensFlare received a huge update. Version 9.0 is loaded with a new features like Color Control, Lens Textures, improved LensFlares, and stability. As a fan of lens flares in film and photography this excellent app has enabled me to achieve a unique touch in my iPhone Photography.  After taking the updated app for a test drive, I can say that LensFlare has surpassed my exceptions, adding dynamic effects. The possibilities within LensFlare are endless. The interactive UI is seamless, users of any level  can navigate through the app without a hitch. Describes as “a must have app for any photographer or designer looking for the best in optical effects,” is indeed just that!

To celebrate the release of version 9.0, iPhoneogenic has several promo codes to give away. The codes provide an opportunity to obtain the app for FREE, courtesy from our friends at BrainFeverMedia.

In order to obtain a code, iPhoneogenic wants your best iPhone photo that involves the natural “Lens Flare” created by your iPhone. So if you have a flared image in your archive or recent shot, we want to see it!! Please send your lens flared photo/image to iPhoneogenic@gmail.com or tweet it as @iPhone0genic’s LensFlare giveaway entry #iPHLensFlare. Limit one entry per person. We will create a gallery set of our top four photos/images to receive a code.

Deadline to submit is Wednesday March 28th. Have fun and be creative!

What’s New in Version 9.0

Huge Update!
* Color Control
This update adds the ability to precisely adjust the color of every LensFlare, giving an unlimited range of design options.

* New Lens Textures
Lens Textures are a brand new feature, adding another layer of realism to the lens effect. Lens Textures range from dusty glass, specks and grunge, to various scratched surfaces.

LensFlare with color control combined with Lens Textures offer incredible design control for creative photo editing.

* Improve LensFlares
Flares have been tweaked achieving even greater epic-ness and realism.

* Stability Improvements

*Max Output Resolution:
iPhone4 and 4S: 3072×3072
iPod Touch4: 2048×2048
iPhone3/iPod: 1024×1024

Post Update 3/28/12

The promo code winners are:


2 responses to “LensFare Promo Code Giveaway

  1. Oh nice – I really like this approach to promo code giveaways (as opposed to random, first come first served, or worst of all, spam-to-play). I hope it takes off! Two questions: if I submit an entry, and then later decide I like another one more, can I replace the first submission? And do you have any LensLight codes? I’d love LensFlare, but based on the pictures I’ve seen, I think I’d prefer LensLight by a hair. Thanks!


    • Hi Jess
      I’m glad you like the approach here.
      Yes, I am okay with a replacement image up to only once. Must be labeled #replacement.
      Sorry no codes for LensLight at this time, as there is no update for it yet.


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