iPhoneogenic’s Top 31 For March 2012

Another month has now passed and the daunting task of selecting our monthly collection is once again here. Your visions continue to shine and impress with each new image produced and shared which make things even more difficult to narrow down to just 31.

Our lead image is one by Liz Grilli, who’s self portraits are always phenomenal and captivating. Her work never ceases to amaze. Included in this month’s collection are several artists making their first appearance on iPhoneogenic like: Louis Giusto,  Alejandro Gonzalez, Johnny Eckó, and Kim Martino. Also joining these artists with their stunning images are non other than Star Rush, MissPixels, Lea Zimany, Souichi Furusho, and many more!

I hope you enjoy this collection and find some inspiration here.

Thanks to all who submitted to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group . You made this month’s selection process very tough. Please keep them coming in!

Liz Grilli: Untitled

Lisa: Tip Flipped

Michael Sutton: Golden waters of Cronulla
Louis Giusto: Sunrise
Grateful Ghoul: Running up that building
Jennifer Bracewell: Let the wind take my body away
Alejandro Gonzalez: Untitled
Star Rush: Long Goodbye
cbascaran: Walking by Boamistura
Johnny Eckó: Architectural landscape
iphotography.ch: Seeweg
OliveCharlene: By OliveCharlene
misspixels: New Car Smell Serie
Dixon Hamby: Another pole art shooter caught in the act
Lea Zimany: Forsythia In March
Gladly Beyond: Clam
Robert-Paul Jansen: Caught in the Web
Michael Andrade: Internet Killed the Video Star
Edina Herold: Stolen Time
Mel Harrison: Storm raged overhead
Daniele Martire: inter.mission&fuzz
Nicki Fitz-Gerald: Ready to fly
Souichi Furusho: Sky pic #08
Roger Guetta: Life's Order
kCe7: Untitled
Jordi V. Pou: Strike
lifeinpose: Yes you have my attention
Emily Bemily: Rice's Point
Kim Martino: 18938397497d9230d93df07fadfbd485c55fd7d9 -1331673914
Michał Koralewski: The fog
Flint Carlton: Untitled

11 responses to “iPhoneogenic’s Top 31 For March 2012

  1. I’m very honored to have one of my images chosen. Thank you! This collection is both beautiful and inspiring, congrats to all!!


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