App Review: Camera+

We are trying something new on the blog and it starts today!

We have long since wanted to bring you reviews on today’s hottest iOS photo apps. Today marks this venture as we also introduce Aiden McGuire, who will take the lead on bringing you his thoughts, insights, and in-depth knowledge of each photo app we will cover.

Our first app up for review is one of my personal favorites, Camera+ by TapTapTap.


Photography as I knew it changed the day I bought an iPhone. And it changed again when I bought Camera+, the all-inclusive and wow-inducing iPhone photo editing app from @taptaptap ($.99, iTunes).

Let me explain.



Camera+ is not just a photography app. It’s everything a photography app should be—and then some.

Harnessing the power of the iPhone’s built-in camera and software, Camera+ utilizes a variety of powerful features to simplify and enhance the photo experience from start to finish. So whether you’re a novice enthusiast (so me) or a professional photographer (so not me), Camera+ has something for everyone.

Snapping Photos
Camera+ brings a surprisingly photo-packed feature set to the iPhone. Each tap of your finger seems to reveal something new, surprising and unexpected. And it starts with your first photo.

Looking for touch exposure and focus? Camera+ has it. And it couldn’t be simpler to use. In fact, setting the exposure separately from focus is a breeze. It’s intuitive. And almost as if your fingers already know what to do. With Camera+, you can easily focus your shot with one finger while tapping the screen with a second finger to find the exact exposure.

But that’s just the beginning:

  • Shooting modes for everyone (yes, even you)—From your standard “normal” mode to a snazzy built-in stabilizer to a self-timer and rapid burst mode, Camera+ gives you plenty of modes to choose from. Whichever is right for you, all your photos are neatly stored and displayed in Camera+’s “Lightbox,” a place that displays thumbnails of all your photos for easy access. You’ll love being able to tap your way through all your shots. It’s one of my favorite features, allowing me to easily select multiple photos to share, save or delete individually or in bulk at once.
  • Flashy is the new flossy—Flash has always gotten a bad rap. Especially on phones. But Camera+ flips the switch on that. How? By using the iPhone’s LED flash as a continuous fill light. Great for your pictures. And even better for those low-light situations.
  • Cockeye correction—Okay. I made that one up. But that’s really what the Camera+’s “grid” mode does for you when you’re trying to eliminate crooked shots or abide by the Rule of Thirds. Put it on and leave it on. I do. Nobody ever has to know
  • Room for room—Digital zoom on a phone sounds silly. And let’s be real, it is. But Camera+’s digital processing gives you the option to get a little closer while maintaining an acceptable level of quality.

Editing and enhancing photos
Welcome to the wow. Where the magic happens. And where I believe Camera+ truly shines.

Whether you’re editing a photo you’ve just taken with your iPhone or using the “+” button functionality to import and edit a photo taken with a different device stored on your phone, Camera+ delivers big. Make that big-time. I’m talking about the app’s one-touch “Clarity” button.

Tap tap tap calls this button “one tap to awesomeness.” Trust me. That’s an understatement.

Using fancy algorithms, magical adjustments and other things I won’t pretend to understand, Camera+’s “Clarity” button analyzes your photos and takes them from “so” to “whoa” in one tap.

One tap.

But don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

It’s the kind of button that makes college degrees crinkle. And one that will make any photo editing professional cringe—and blush—at the same time. It’s beyond magical. It’s something unbelievable.

But how good?

Consider this. It’s made me consider importing photos taken with my Canon T2i to edit on my iPhone. That’s right. I said it.

Wrap your head around that.

And just in case Camera+’s “Clarity” button wasn’t enough for you, Camera+ offers you dozens of amazing effects to help you take beautiful photos:

  • FX Effects—Camera+ offers dozens of stunning effects to help you take beautiful photos. It’s all thanks to tap tap tap’s partnership with professional photographer Lisa Bettany. And each effect—from HDR to Grunge to Miniaturize and more—promise to transform your photo into a work of art.
  • Scene Modes—Every photo is different. That’s where Camera+’s scene modes deliver. Choose from Backlit, Sunset, Night, Portrait, Beach and many more.
  • Digital Flash—Forgot to turn your iPhone’s flash on? No problem. Camera+ utilizes its digital flash-editing feature to help you salvage your dark shots.
  • Cropping—Camera+ offers plenty of popular cropping sizes to help you frame-up your shots perfectly. Choose from square, 4×6, 8×10 and many more.
  • Borders—With the tap of a finger, you can put the perfect finishing touches on your photos with some stunning boarder options sure to help you wrap your photos in style.

Sharing photos
Great photos are meant to be shared. And Camera+ lets you expose your creativity with friends and family far and wide.

You can share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr or email them right from the app. An SMS mode is also an option.

Bottom Line?
Cropping, zooming and editing aside, Camera+ has given me a greater appreciation for photography. And it’s changed my perspective on photography all together.

It’s made me more aware of my surroundings. And it’s opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist when the iPhone is paired with such a powerful app like Camera+. Simply put, it’s left me surprised. Inspired. And compelled to take more photos, more often.

And that’s something to get excited about.

As for the “plus” in “Camera+? Maybe it stands for “creativity.” Perhaps it’s “inspiration.” Or, maybe it’s a blend of each. Whatever it is, it’s something you’ll only find with Camera+.

I’m convinced it’s whatever you want it to be. And that’s the beauty of the
app …

… and the reason why tap tap tap gets a plus plus plus.


About Aiden:

Aiden McGuire is a marketing and public relations professional based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. As an avid iPhoneographer, McGuire’s iPhone photos have been published by the Wall Street Journal and the Democrat & Chronicle. He is the founder of and can be found on Pinterest.

4 responses to “App Review: Camera+

  1. Great review of Camera+ Aiden. I’ve been a fan of Cam+ since it came out and it kept getting better & better with each release. It is my go to app for just about everything however, I still find it odd that taptaptap hasn’t implemented some sort of Sharpening tool into the app. Although I don’t sharpen all of my photos, some I do and have to use Snapseed for this action. Let’s hope we see this in a future update.


    • Thank you – appreciate your comments! As I mentioned in the article, Camera+ is definitely my go-to photo app, too. It’s amazing when I show people what they can do with it in just a few taps. All of a sudden all of their dull and dark photos are brought back to life – you can literally see the excitement! Good point about sharpening, too. One of my pet peeves is that once to save your photos to the camera roll, you lose the ability to import it back into the app and remove/change the various filters/effects/borders.


  2. Thanks for the great review, use more often Camera +, I find it quite complete, the only thing I’d like to see in the future the possibility to control the fusion of Clarity, because I find that although almost always fixes the scene well, to sometimes the impact is on some photos too, rest and good.


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