iPhoneogenic’s Top 31 for May 2012

The month of May brought over 45 hundred images and 20 new artists to the iPhoneogenic Flick Group. Once again it was another agonizing experience narrowing down these images to just 31. Everyone seemed to be on top of their game making it much more difficult to select the top contenders.

Leading us off is a master of app manipulation and surrealist, Mrs. Edina Herold with her image “Bubbles,” which evokes whimsy and yet a serious tone. Amongst the May collection there is wonderful macro photography by Lindsey Thompson, Annely P, and Connie. Other great photos and images ranging from street photography to abstract landscapes and everything in between include artists such as Alexey Ovsyannikov, John Mallon, Robin Pope, Robert Herold, Stephanie Meckfessel and many more. I hope you enjoy this set of images and find yourself coming back to discover something new in each image.

Thanks to all who submitted to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group . You made this month’s selection process very tough. Please keep them coming in!

Bubbles by Edina Herold

Space by Deb Evans Braun

so far and away by krapoz

Untitled by By Laura Klasa

Untitled by Alexey Ovsyannikov

Missing the point by Lindsey Thompson

dying chords of eternal music by Yuriy Leskiv

Oh, heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body answer that the flower withers but the seed remains” – Kahlil Gibran by Catherine Restivo.

Lighting the way by John Mallon

Houston we have lift off by Carlein

Untitled by Amo Iphoneography

At the end of friday by Youngdeok Ko

Die Wahrheit liegt in der Mitte by iphotography.ch

N&C by Robin Pope

Caught in the web by AnnelyP

Reality ve Relfection by Danny J.A.D.A.

photo by Jordan Cortese

Invisible stories by Robert Herold

Tango for Two by Laura Peischl

Soul Flight by Roger Guetta

“I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille.” by Connie

Untitled by By Nikita Gross

Untitled by Greg Briggs

Passing by ShaneMartinArt

Untitled by _thisspace_

MACBA by Elena iPhoneography

Pollen in the time of Georgia O’Keeffe by unruly_e

Angel of Harlem by Jaime Ferreyros

Somewhere near and very far away by Stephanie Meckfessel

Bad tulip impersonation by Janine Graf

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