Instablast Review + Giveaway!

If you’re like most Instagram users, it’s likely that you’re following a ton of users. And if you’re like most, you probably don’t have time to go through everyone’s feed or you might simply miss your favorite IGer’s post.


Thickpolicy, the developers of Instablast has solved this issue! (App Store: $0.99)

Now you can be alerted when any particular person on your “following” list makes a image contribution on Instagram, without having to constantly check your Instagram feed.

Find who you are receiving notifications for by sorting alphabetically or by the date you started following someone on Instagram. You can also filter the list of people you are following to see only those that are set to “On” or “Off.”

Never miss your favorite IGer’s post again!

In the comment section of this post tell us why you would like 1 of 10 promo codes for Instablast app absolutely FREE of charge courtesy of Thickpolicy.

25 responses to “Instablast Review + Giveaway!

  1. I would like a promo code for instablast because I (while embarrassed to admit) am finally starting to use instagram. The app appeals to me as I start to make more and more contacts. Fingers crossed. Plz and thank you


  2. Hi sounds like an interesting app. I give a course in photography for the iphone and I’m sure my students would love to have some codes. I also write a blog so I’d be interested in road testing it.


    • I would like to know more about our course. Replay with info in the email I’ve sent containing your code. Enjoy!


  3. This app would definitely help my Instagram usage. I have way too many people that I follow this app would help me not miss the most important people I follow. I would love a code to try it out. Thank you.


  4. Instablast allows one to stayed connected to the “blasts” of creativity in an instant from my network of insta-artists. One can enjoy, learn and reply especially to those who are starting so that your social network grows more social as it grows creatively.


  5. I would be interested in a code if there are any left. Thank you.

    Sorry about the bad typing in previous comment.


  6. I would like a code… I use IG as a place to network but also a place to follow friends and family. I need help organizing all facets on my IG. THANK YOU


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