Superimpose Review + Giveaway!

Adding a little something extra to your images is easily achieved with Superimpose by Pankaj Goswami of Beltola Apps (App Store: $0.99)!

Superimpose Superimpose is a photo editing tool that allows you to blend any two images together in a similar fashion as Juxtaposer or Blender.

For you more serious image markers this tool provides adjustable transparencies with 18 blending modes for editing tasks like blending textures or to create double exposures . To further enhance your blend, Superimposehas the “most powerful” masking tool available on the app store.   One of the coolest features of “Masks” is the ability to tap on an area of the photo and the app will mask out similar colors connected to that area.  Think of it as a desktop Photoshop in your pocket, that’s how powerful this app can be.Version 2.0 brings some new features for instance, it’s now a universal app meaning it may run on your iPad as a native app. Also, Superimpose has been given a faster IU and updated buttons.


Superimpose Features:

– Higher resolution preview.
– Faster processing.
– Huge improvement in disk space that the app occupies.
– Flip foreground image vertically and horizontally.
– Swap foreground and vertical image.
– Adjustment filters on both foreground and background images.
– A new eraser tool.
– Lasso has now smoothen option.
– Also, lasso can now be used to mask everything outside the loop.
– Delete current session button.
– Import from clipboard option instead of camera.
– Improved brush with and added smoothness options.
-Found and fixed number of of bugs.

Max output resolution: iPhone 4S, all 8 megapixels (enable high resolution save in the settings)!

Thanks to Pankaj, I have 5 promo codes to giveaway for this super awesome app! To obtain a code please tell us why you would like a code to receive Superimpose for FREE. The first five (5) to appropriately (don’t just say “because I would like to try it out”) comment will win a code!

15 responses to “Superimpose Review + Giveaway!

    • I would take all the sadness in the world, gather it together and take a photo. Then, I’d take the beautifully sunny photo I kept hidden on my camera roll and superimpose it, sending sunshine through the gloomy clouds!

      And on a less serious note, I’ve been waiting for something like this. Superimposing is actually a really useful tool in the iPhoneographer’s arsenal, and finally, it seems we have a tool created by someone who loves the craft!


  1. I would like this as I’m always looking for a better way to blend images…and this looks like it might be what I’m looking for!


  2. I’m a definite ‘poser’ with my apping and have heard awesome things about this app – one I don’t have actually! Would love the opportunity to get a code, e!


  3. Oooooh! This looks cool! I take a lot of pictures of architecture and I think this app can perhaps produce some interesting photos! Buildings on top of buildings on top of buildings !!!


  4. I am experimenting with multiple exposures and I have been wanting something that would allow me to have part of an image outside the frame of another image. I like the idea of imlying parallel realities in images (as well as life!)

    Thanks — Paul


  5. It sounds like a great app that would replace a few other apps I have, which would leave more room on my iPhone for all the photos I’ll be taking!


  6. i like blending, layers, old photos, people, insects, flowers, trees, buildings, sunrise, sunset, mountains, oceans, the moon, the stars, with this app i can tell more stories in one photo!


  7. I really want cute hipster edited pics on my Instagram and this app is perfect for it! All my pictures are boring and plain and I wanna add a little something to them! I would love to have that code:)


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