A Polarizing New Case From @TryggerLLC!

Trygger Recently Joel Kamerman from Trygger contacted me about a new product they are looking to launch specifically for the iPhone Camera.

It’s called the Tygger Camera Case, a bumper style case with a sliding polarizing filter. According to Trygger, they have created a case that takes better pictures than without the case. The case will come in four different colors and a color chosen by the backers on the Kickstarter page.  I found this product compelling so I’ve ask Joel to answer a few questions about the case.


What does The Tygger Camera Case do?

The Trygger Camera Case is a slim fitting iPhone case that has a built in polarizing filter. The back panel of the case slides over the iPhone camera lens when needed or out of the way when the polarizing filter is not in use. With the filter built into the case you never loose the ‘accessory’ and you don’t have to fumble for it when you need it.

Polarizing filters have long been used to help manage lighting issues.  The Trygger Camera Case brings this technology to the iPhone 4/4S.  The polarizing filter removes reflection off of surfaces allowing correct colors to be captured on images: water, surfaces or green foliage, glass and so forth.  It makes colors in skies and foliage much more vibrant.  Adjusting for an improved lighting result is as simple as dialing the filter wheel until you get the desired result.

It is important to note that the lighting improvements made possible with the Camera Case cannot be accomplished in post-production filters such as those available in Instagram.  The correction has to be captured in the original image.

Where did the idea come from?

Last summer I took thousands of photographs with my iPhone of my kids when travelling on vacation and was disappointed in many of the photos because the reflection and sun washed surfaces got blown out.  On my DSLR, I had solved these problems with a polarizing filter and decided the same proven fix needed to be brought to the iPhone.

When will the Tygger Camera Case be available?

We expect to ship this summer.

How much will The Tygger Camera Case cost?

The retail price of the case is $49.95

Any other products in mind?

Yes.  Although too early to announce any specifically, we are busy working on other products to extend our product assortment.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Great design is the constant in all of Trygger’s efforts.  Great design means an elegantly simple solution for improved performance. Thank you very much for your interest!

Looks like the Trygger Camera Case has already reached it’s goal of 25K but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help contribute to the Kickstarter project!

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