Water My World Review + Giveaway

View your world through with the Water My World camera app by DBSys! (App Store: $1.99)

Water My World  This camera app allows users to take realistic water ripple photos or video of their surroundings in realtime. Tap to start a new ripple or swipe to create a wave across the display of your iPhone or iPad.

You may choose also to import one of your own images. To do so double tap to show settings button. Select “single image” to import from the default images, camera roll, or other albums you may have (this may be a little tricky at first, so make sure “single image” is highlighted in black to access your photos).

water my world example by iPhoneogenic

In the setting option you can enable moving background, random ripples,  the detail level of the ripples, choose between classic or converging ripples, and the interval of each ripple. It’s recommended to reduce the detail level setting if you find the frame rate is too low for your device, especially for early generations of iOS devices such as iPhone 3GS.

Water My World requires users to be on iOS 4.0 or higher and iOS devices equivalent or greater than an iPhone 3GS.

       iPhone Screenshot 1      iPhone Screenshot 2

Thanks to Alex at DBSys, I have 10 promo codes to giveaway for Water My World! To obtain a code please tell us why you would like a code to receive Water My World for FREE. The first ten (10) to appropriately comment will win a code!




30 responses to “Water My World Review + Giveaway

  1. This app looks great; living in Chicago near Lake Michigan…fun times taking pictures at the beach and then making them ‘waterful’ with Water My World… yes please :)


    • What I don’t like about WaterMyPhoto is that you can’t control the “waterize” effect. I found a different one called WaterBooth in which you can, check that one out…enjoy Water My World, it’s pretty great!!


  2. Ooo I would love this. I am a water sign ya know!! Lol it’s true I plus it’s so much better than the app I’ve been using . :) pretty please can I have a code. It’s my bday soon:)


  3. I’d like to try some different editing experiments and this app would be a good addition to my other editing apps…


  4. I am surrounded by beautiful buildings–and yet, sadly, no beaches or lovely lakes exist anywhere close (unless you consider three hours “close,” which I do not). However, I would very much like to “pretend” otherwise in my photos, by simply editing that fancy water bit in at the end. Probably in places that water could/should never be in “real life” (since I tend to go all out in my “pretending” efforts), but I hope that’s not a deal-breaker here. I do mostly abstract architectural iphoneography, and I’m pretty sure I can make some awesome watery building creations with a new editing toy like this…


    • I feel you on the beach situation! Mine is an hour away. I would love to see what you come up, sounds interesting! Please post some pics to our Facebook page! Enjoy!


  5. If you have any left…I would love to water my pics…I want to make every pic look like I’m surrounded by water and someone needs to rescue me!


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