iPhoneogenic Top 30 for June 2012

What a heat wave it’s been here in the States!
With that brings sheer creativity from folks spending more time indoors. June has brought just that, amazing work added to the iPhoneogenic Flickr group. This month I have asked an old friend to help sift through these brilliant works to produce a fantastic collection. Here to facilitate the selections is Amy (McGrath) Hughes.

I’ve known Edgar since the old days… 2010… when he kindly interviewed me for his iPhoneogenic blog. I’ve never felt a moment since then when his heart & soul like many of us, hasn’t been dedicated to this unique medium.

I’ll say these were no easy choices and after having curated for an entire month, it’s not easy to make only 30 selections out of thousands of entries. I did first want to thank you for giving me this opportunity, as I considered it an eye-opener to all the styles and viewpoints an iPhoneographer has at their fingertips. Everyone who chooses this outlet has an amazing range and gifted mind. With that said, I’ve chosen as the lead image Janine Graf’s “Never Forget.” And once you see this, you won’t! Her sense of whimsy and study of a subject she has showcased just confirms my suspicions that her sense of humor and storytelling is bar none, hysterical! Other exceptional images include work produced by Robert and Enida Herold, Pirmin Föllmi, Luxtra, Catherine Restivo, Roger Guetta, and many more.
Thank you again all for your truly inspiring work and thank you Edi.

Thank you Amy for taking on the daunting task and the hard work over the last month!

Clicking on an image will redirect you back to the artist’s Flickr photostream.

Thanks to all who submitted to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group . You made this month’s selection process very tough. Please keep them coming in!

Never Forget by Janine Graf

Emptiness by Paula Gardener

Fragments of an ordinary morning by Alessandro Greganti

Peony in Vintage Bottle by Luxtra

I’ll put down your disco And take your heart away… by Fede C.

Feeding Time by Paul Moore

Utitled by Nikita Gross

Hockney by Jim Darling

have you ever got the feeling that you were being watched?‏ by krapoz

Baudelaire thinks he was right by Robert Herold

British Summer by Robin Pope

Waiting for a Sign no. 2 by Catherine Restivo

Clouds #151 by James Clarke

The Sky over the City by Enida Herold

Untitled by Alexey Ovsyannikov

“two ways to choose, on a razor’s edge. remain behind, go straight ahead” by Carlein

Reflecting on the good times while they were downunder byMichael Sutton

iPhone in the hands of a WWII radioman. by Darrell Jesonis

Searching for gold by Michał Koralewski

Welcome to the house of fun by Jeniffer Bracewell

Derelict Chapel, Cottam, Yorkshire by Chris Harland

Untitled by Ray Luther

It happened in the woods II by Ivana J.B.

The Game Of Here by Roger Guetta

Artisans at work by Dixon Hamby

Before the storm by Hochlander

Морской бой.. by Parenek

Magic Hour by Pirmin Föllmi

Untitled by Colin

Morning Read by Jon Yager

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