Popsicolor Review + Giveaway


Turn your photos into Pop-Art like watercolor images with Popsicolor! (App Store: $0.99)

Popsicolor was developed by the maker of Percolator, the “full-bodied color” image processor, so you know this one is going to produce just as unique and exotic renditions.

Popsicolor takes a minimalist approach to creating delightful and colorful images. It all start with IU of the app. It’s simple and clean, while “Making a Mess…” in the background and “Cleaning Up…” before randomly generating a work of art. Like with most great photo apps, Popsicolor, allows the user to import photos from the camera roll, take a photo in-app, even past a photo all before “Unrapping…” the finished product.


Once the initial image is rendered users can than select from the different colors on top and bottom to further enhance the user experience. In the process of the mixing flavors, the app will produce really cool effects like drips or ink bleeds.  Not satisfied with that? Tap on the paint brush to change the “Focus” of the color flow or simply “Remix Flavors” to regenerate another random color scheme. Once satisfied with a rendering, tapping on the heart will allow the you to save, copy, or email your new creation.Yep, it’s that easy to create awesomeness!

I want to find myslef by the sea, in another’s company

Here’s a small tip from a friend of the blog, @sxethang, in order to get better/longer drips hold the device in your hands otherwise lay it on a flat surface to minimize drips. I don’t know if this hold to be true, but it sure did work for me on the above image. Also check out the hashtag #popnperc Ginger started on Instagram which combines the use of Popsicolor and Percolator.

Supports: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 5 and greater

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Thanks to John at TinRocket, I have 5 promo codes to giveaway! To obtain a code please tell us why you would like a code to receive Popsicolor for FREE. Five (5) winners will be selected at random and must appropriately (don’t just say “because I would like to try it”) comment to win a code! Codes expire on July 16 so redeem immediately.


18 responses to “Popsicolor Review + Giveaway

  1. I have this already – so don’t need a code –

    BUT, I wanted to say that this app is great. It’s not good to use with all photos, but it’s a fun effect to add at times. Check it out- well worth it!


  2. You know how much I luv experimenting with new apps. This one is very impressive. Especially if it’s what you used in the video. Luvd that!!!!!!!!


  3. Would love to win! I love percolater and would love to try their new app so I can edit images at another “new” level!


  4. Something new, something different from the rest, that’s what I like in new iPhoneography apps! Would love to try it!


  5. I was going to let this app go by me untill I looked at #popnperc and @sexethang.
    When it is used with Percolator its a marriage made in heaven .You can produce wonderful art work fit for any wall. I have been using Percolator for some time and loving it I find my self trying it with all my images getting great results but with Popsicolor as well it will be a blast


  6. I want to try it because i love the way Popsicolor blends the colors in the sample pics I’ve seen. It’s what makes this app unique!


  7. I have yet to try any of this app developers products. I recently started to do more with my iphoneography besides just taking great pics. I have bern checking out a lot of users work over at IPA and have become so inspired to turn my iphoneography into more layered and complex works of art. This app looks like it would fit that bill nicely. If you have any promo codes left send one this way and I’ll be sure to spread the word about this great site in the mean time!


  8. I want to make cool water color drippings on my pics! And do some experimenting with blending with this app.




      • Wow!!!! The nerve of some amazes me!!! Thx so much for the code. I luv luv luv the app!!!! I actually used it as one of my filter selections for a flyer announcing a show in Sept. I’ll send it to you when printed!!


    • Just so you know. You were one of the code winners, sent it to you on Friday. Looks like u never redeemed it, oh well.


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