Its Land: Alien Sky + Giveaway!

Alien Sky

BrainFeverMedia is at it again!

This time they’re breaking the boredom and breathing new life into your photos with Alien Sky! ($0.99)

As you may already know BrainFeverMedia is the creators of  LensFlare and LensLight, the wildly popular photo apps that create solar flares, bokeh effects, light leaks, and much more.  With Alien Sky, BFM has taken photo editing beyond this world!

Users of Alien Sky will find a familiar user interface mirroring that of  its siblings. Users can either shoot or import an image and then select which effect they would like to work with to create a unique out of this world look. Customizing an effect is a peace of cake, to resize or rotate an effect simply pinch and zoom making adjustments as needed. Alien Sky features many effects such as  such as planets, moons, galaxies, bright suns, distant stars, futuristic lens flares and gradient filters all rendering in  high resolution.

iPhone Screenshot 4iPhone Screenshot 3

They’ve never been closer than they are now with Alien Sky!

Thanks to James Grote at BrainFeverMedia, I have five (5) promo codes to give away! To obtain a code please tell us why you would like a code to receive Alien Sky for FREE. Five (5) winners will be selected at random and must appropriately comment to win a code (don’t just say “I would like to try it” or of the sort)!

13 responses to “Its Land: Alien Sky + Giveaway!

  1. I would love a copy of Alien Sky to keep their siblings LensFlare and LensLight company on my phone.


  2. I would love a copy of Alien Sky because I think it would add a new, and quite awesome, effect to any landscape pictures I would take. Taking and sharing pictures of mountains and cities with alien backdrops would just be cool. Not to mention it would compliment all my other photo apps perfectly.


  3. A copy of Alien Sky would be great. I’ve been exploring different iphoneography workflows. So far, I’m spending a lot of time in Snapseed, touchRetouch, and ScratchCam. Would like to branch out into some new directions.


  4. I have LensFlare and LensLight. They’re both great apps. Combining their effects with Alien Sky would be awesome to try. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.


  5. Forgot to add: last chance to leave your comment for a Free copy of Alien Sky ends July 20, 2012 at 12/noon Central US.


  6. This app makes me home sick for Rigel. Your solitary moon, though beautiful, pales beside the two huge satellites of my home planet. Oh how I wish that I could return there, but my ship was destroyed by your military, and I barely escaped with my life. All my holo recordings of home were also destroyed in the crash, and all I have left are my memories. With Alien Sky, I could capture the essence of my home world before it’s beauty vanished from my memory.

    Please don’t tell the government of me, they have been looking for me for a long time.


  7. I think this is the most exciting product currently available in the app store, both for creating stunning artistic images, but also for having fun and winding up your friends. That´s why I would like to receive it, plus I am poor and can only afford an iPhone 3GS, which has been my trusty companion for over a year now, almost in a Doctor Who kind of way, so for us to be able to pretend to travel through time and space would be like a dream come true… For my 3GS. It would be nice for me to give it a treat, in thanks for all the loyal, hard work.


  8. Being in the middle of winter and experiencing some of the most awesome skies and clouds over Cape Town, I stare at the sky wondering what a would a picture of this spectacular show look like with some planetary or alien effects added.
    Pity I missed the giveaway! :(


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