LA Mobile Arts Festival Makes Headlines and Update

Home_page_bannerWith a little less than a week until the biggest mobile photography/art event is to premier it looks like several media outlets are catching on to the craze of what is LA-MAF. The LA Mobile Art Festival is roll right along and making headlines on several acclaimed sites and newsprint.

Forget Instagram! There are much more profound ways of sharing your iPhone snapshots. –Huffington Post

No other shows that have come close to this scale have shown this kind of artwork in printed form. – LA Times

According to sources close to LAMAF, LA Weekly, CNET, ABC News and Good Day LA are scheduled to make their announcements of the festivities as well.

What does this mean? It means the more the general public knows of our medium the more it will be accepted as a legitimate art form. It doesn’t hurt that news outlets are spreading the word.

Participating artists will thrive because of this single week of festivities. Record sales for mobile work at LA-MAF will be set and will be used as a gauge for how much people are willing to spend for a piece of iPhonic art.

Making an appearance at the festival will be the iPad installation, Light Impressions by Studio b. This installation features 40 iPads with over 520 images composed by artists from around the world. Two other notable installations to look out for will be presented by friends of the blog, Liz Grilli and Roger Guetta, respectfully.

Screen shot 2012-07-22 at 9.17.45 PM

LA-MAF has put out a schedule of happenings. To kick of the event on Friday August 17th the LA-MAF team will host an informal meet and great before hosting the opening gala on Saturday August 18th. Please visit the full schedule of the event so you don’t miss any of the action.

If you are going to attend the event please contact us if you would like a special assignment.

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