LA Mobile Arts Festival Opening Night Exclusive + Photo Galleries

LA Mobile Arts Festival - Opening GalaAs many of you may already know this past Saturday, August 18, 2012, was LA-MAF‘s opening gala. Artists and art lovers alike poured into the Santa Monica Art Studios to share in a unique and monumental moment in the brief history of mobile art and photography.

Unfortunately yours truly could not attend the event so I enlisted a the help of Maddy McCoy who made the trip to the the LA area from Virgina. Maddy mixed and mingled and snapped photos all while keeping account of her affairs at the opening.

Here is Maddy on her thoughts of the inaugural celebration of LA-MAF.

Maddy McCoy:

Art patrons eager to get in

It was really quite a night. The inaugural LA Mobile Arts Festival did the movement proud. From The Olde Curiosity Shoppe to the Botanica Illuminati installation, the fabulous high tech mirror daguerreotypes to iPad Art Car, Mobile Art arrived and took its rightful place as our modern form of emotional and aesthetic expression.

Olde Curiosity Shoppe

Studio b.’s Light Impressions iPad installation was fabulous. The Bird Photo Booth was fascinating. Roger Guetta and Maxime Rioux’s Earth Cargo was An Event. Nettie Edward’s Harriet Is Breathing brought me to tears and stole the show.

Mother admiring her daughter’s work

But, what was so powerful for me was the love and dedication that went into making this exhibition a reality. Artists, I know you. I know what each of you has created. I know what each of you has given of yourself.

Left to right: Oliver Eeken, Roger Clay, Damian de Souza, Knox Bronson, Roger Guetta, Jack Killpatrick

Know that your creations were handed over to the most caring of individuals. She nurtured them, she fussed over them, she made sure they looked perfect. Then others came and built and painted and hung and placed your works…just so. In essence, Daria Polichetti and Nate Park from became the surrogate parents of your work, and they did you proud.


100 years from now, after our movement has grown from its infancy into adulthood, people may still want to know what it was like on that night. It was humbling. It was the beginning.

Gallery Hall

Thank you Maddy for that special report!

Also check out these other online galleries from the opening festivities (click on the names to be redirected to their online photo galleries):


Plus Media Coverage (click on media outlets to be redirected):


6 responses to “LA Mobile Arts Festival Opening Night Exclusive + Photo Galleries

  1. this roger guetta stole my trunk 2 days before the end of the festival…
    he put it i don’t know where montreal or santa.monica. ?
    it is my father trunk when he studied philosophy in england & paris in the 50′s
    this trunk has been exhibited before whithout this ifonny con artist “collaboration”.
    spread the word.
    every thing inside is mine, electronics, percussions, projector, amplifier…
    one wide angle lens is his
    the organisers of the la mobile arts festival agrees with me.

    maxime rioux


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