Mosy Mount – “The World Most Versatile Tripod Mount!”

The Mini Tripod embodies a unique design. It has three legs like any other tripod but its functionally separates it from the others. The legs separate into an “M” thinking your done there but, no. Manipulating the thumb lever loosens the middle leg therefore allowing you to pivot the leg outward. While keeping the thumb lever loose you can also swivel the mounting plate 90 degrees. Once you’re ready, manipulating the thumb lever once more will allow you to lock the mini tripod in any position.

The Mosy Mount Case provided in the set is a black generic but sturdy one. It’s really not meant for looks but only to serve two purposes and that’s to apply your Mossy Mount on the back of it and to protect your iPhone from being naked and exposed. Adding up the weight of the iPhone, case, and rubber mount together makes the unit a bit bulky and heavy in one’s pocket. Even though it would be nice to walk around at the ready with a tripod mount it may not be ideal for everyday use. If you don’t mind the little extra weight than by all means go for it, just be sure you’re carrying around those mini “sticks” too.

The Mount Mount comes in four different designs. Our sample set came in the “Modular” design, one of two in which you can cut down to size to fit other devices if need be. The Mosy Mount varies in price from $24.95 – $49.95 depending on case, set, or kit your heart desires. Please visit the Mosy Mount website for more details.


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