The New EyeEm 3.0 Is Here!

EyeEm - Photo Filter Camera

Today marks a milestone for the Berlin based EyeEm team. They just launched the 3.0 version of their app. With that comes cool new updates such as a compete user interface overhaul, faster browsing and a sweet new logo! Mobile photography fans rejoice the brand new EyeEm is here!

From the press release:


Dear friends, 

We’re extremely excited to present EyeEm 3.0 to you today. With a completely redesigned interface & the all new Discover feed at its core, EyeEm is now a faster, slicker and more relevant photo experience than ever before.

Explore places & things you love, with every photo you take

Over the past few months we’ve been working hard to implement your feedback and realize our vision of what the future of photo sharing looks like. We’ve built a new sidebar menu that makes it easier for you to navigate through photos and albums. We worked in a new photo view that displays photos in a sleek new way.

And most importantly we’ve introduced the Discover feed: a magical photo stream that shows you what’s happening around you and what’s currently trending around the world.

How does it work? 

The Discover feed learns what you love from the photos you take. For example, you take a photo and tag it with Hanging out at Volkspark am Weinberg. In the next step, the Discover feed shows you all the other photos added to this topic and location and what else is around you: places, parties, shops, restaurants, bars.. just fire up the app wherever you are and you’ll discover what’s happening in your area.

Scroll down and you’ll discover topics that are currently trending on EyeEm. That could be albums like Top secret mission, events like the Paralympics 2012 or locations like Dublin. The magical algorithm generating your feed takes in a lot of different criteria and shows you what’s currently going on in the EyeEm universe.

Trust us, we’re often surprised ourselves of what we find in there!

Overview of features:

  • All new magical Discover feed
  • Completely redesigned interface
  • New sidebar menu for easy navigation
  • Maps that show exactly where an image has been taken
  • Direct access to the EyeEm Blog
  • Switch between grid view & fullscreen mode
  • New logo & app icon
  • An overall faster, slicker and surprising photo experience

The update is free and available for iPhone & Android devices all over the world.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Love from Berlin,

Your EyeEm Team

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