SlingShot, the universal smartphone stabilizer + Giveaway! the release of their newest product, on September 24, 2012. A revolutionary new smartphone accessory, the SlingShot by Woxom is a handheld stabilizer, tabletop tripod, and professional tripod mount compatible with all smartphones with or without a case.
Invented by Charles Waugh, professional photographer, artist and design engineer who lives in Boring, Oregon with a studio in Portland, Oregon, the SlingShot was developed over two years and funded by Kickstarter. Surpassing its original goal of raising $20,000, the product raised $70,000 on Kickstarter, and has been reviewed by Wired, AppAdvice, MASHABLE and CNET (among others).

“As a professional photographer, I was frustrated and downright scared when fumbling my smartphone with my fingertips to shoot videos, so I decided to design my own smartphone stabilizer”, said Charles Waugh, SlingShot inventor.

“Smartphones are the go-to device for many of us when shooting stills and video, and that’s a market I wanted to be a part of! Creating a product that’s pro without costing pro level dough so anyone can get the perfect shot gets me one step closer to my dream.”

With SlingShot, amateur and professional videographers can use their smartphone to capture videos without undesirable shakes, and easily capture effects like time-lapsed videos. Used as a table-top tripod or attached on any other tripod, SlingShot allows easy shooting or viewing of videos and teleconferences.

The SlingShot’s cradle is made from industrial-grade acetal copolymer and expands to fit any smartphone, even with a case. The cradle mounts to any standard tripod, and the contoured handle hides a set of legs to transform it into an instant tripod.
SlingShot will be available for $19.95 (MSRP) from, Adorama, Photojojo, and other Woxom-authorized specialty retailers.

The fine folks at Woxom sent me what looks like a final production model of the SlingShot to test and review.

Immediately after opening the package I was awe struck by its unique design, like nothing I’d even seen before (mind you, I had not seen an image of the product prior to unpackaging) I was impressed by how light the product is, but it did raise concern of it’s durability. Nonetheless, the SlingShot is very sturdy even with an iPhone 4s and Galaxy 3 placed inside the u-shaped cradle, respectively.

The cradle bends and flexes to expand around the smartphone of choice. It also has a standard screw mount hole for placement onto other tripods. As a unit, the Slingshot screws onto a pivoting ball joint handle, equipped with two small legs inserted into the handle itself. The ball joint stays in place quite nicely, must use force to pivot.

With my 4s placed inside the cradle I ran a couple of test to see what the grip of the cradle could withstand. Waving the gadget side to side, up and down, even upside down, the iPhone did not budge from the cradle. I did experience the slightest of movement of the iPhone inside the cradle when shaking it side to side, but it did not concern me because the grip is solid and when am I actually going to be shaking the the device out in the field?

In action the Slingshot does exactly what it is suppose to do and that is to minimize unwanted wavering and stabilize video capturing. It’s being marketed as a videography product, but it is very useful in still mobile photography as well, which will be my main purpose for using it.

The SlingShot is a unique product and will make an excellent addition to the ever growing “camera bag” of any iPhoneographer or videographer! And yes, it is compatible with the new iPhone 5!

Luck for you, our readers, iPhoneogenic has secured a number of giveaways in which we will be rolling out in the weeks to come after the official launch of SlingShot, stay tuned!

For now, ONE lucky reader will win a SlingShot courtesy of Woxom! All you have to do is leave us a comment below expressing why you would like this product and how you plan to use it. This offer ends Friday, September 28, 2012 12 noon US central, Good Luck!

Pre-order it now!


28 responses to “SlingShot, the universal smartphone stabilizer + Giveaway!

    • Great review! Looks useful. I think this would be neat to have, and a great excuse to but a tripod! Also might be helpful for macro shots.


  1. The Slingshot seems promising, bottom line. However with my iP5 delivering shorty, I’ll need all the assistance I can to prevent an accident while “shooting”. The fact that its universal, is a relief!


  2. Recently I have been searching for a tripod mount for my iPhone. So far this looks to the best thing I’ve come across. It’s a holder and a tripod. I love it. Great idea……


  3. I would love this! It would be prefect to start shooting my “Broke but Clean” cooking show idea. Not to mention all of the amazing shots I could get out of it when I want to be in the picture too. Thanks for hosting such an awesome give away!


  4. I’ve been wanting to shoot video with my iPhone, other than silly videos of my nephews. The SlingShot looks like a must have for making quality videos. I would love to give it a try. Thank you for the opportunity to win this great product. As always, another great find on iPhoneOgenic!


  5. Oops! I forgot to comment on why I want this and how I’d use it!! Why…I have half a dozen different mini-tripods and none of them seem to work well with my iPhone…this one looks like it will!! And…I plan to start shooting video with my iPhone and keeping the image stable is a concern…I’d certainly use it for this!! Thanks again for having this drawing!!!


  6. ooops
    guess I need to do the same
    thanks for the heads up David!

    why you would like this product?
    *because sometimes I think I have really fat fingers and I fumble which can make the image all wonky

    how you plan to use it?
    *I take more photos so will probably use more for that but then again if I don’t get seasick watching I might end up making more videos…


  7. As for why: I too have a half dozen or so mini-tripods, from cheap to pricey. I don’t like a single one. Seems like a simple thing–a tripod–but apparently it’s a hard thing to get right.

    Plus, after a long day of snapping pics and video in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest *and* with my immersion in the new creative avenues open to me with the use of the SlingShot causing me to get completely lost, I can simply attach a rubber band and use a stone to “git me a tree rat.” ;)

    As for what I’d do with it: I’d use it for iPhoneography mostly, though it also looks like an inexpensive “Gateway Gadget” to inspire me to add more quality to my video efforts. I take lots of video, but I delete the vast majority because it ends up looking like a Bourne movie fight scene.

    I look forward to using it after release.


  8. This looks really awesome. I love that it is universal so that means I can share it! It also looks very sturdy, much better than all the other ones I’ve seen. I would probably use it the most to capture shots of my hyperactive little siblings and my fiancee! Definitely for capturing with slow shutter camera apps. Thanks for having this giveaway!


  9. Neat! This is a nice opportunity – thank you! My iPhone tripod broke the first time I attempted to use it – this looks MUCH more sturdy and effective. I can certainly see myself using it with the new iPhone 5 for nature images & video.


  10. Amazing I have been searching eBay for a decent tripod and this is the best I have seen. iPad version would be welcome too.


  11. I would really, really like to win this. I am just starting out in iphoneography and need all the help I can get. I would use it to stabilize my phone to take clearer Images. Would love to buy one, but lost my job after 20 years and can not afford it!


  12. oh it’s looks like i missed the giveaway deadline!…would love one of these to go with my new iPhone 5, hands aren’t as steady or as good at gripping as they used to be (ill health) so this would help immensely helpful when shooting video and taking snap shots…hope you’ll do another giveaway, this is a brilliant product for folk like myself.


  13. Dealine for enteries is now closed.
    I will contact the vendor and we’ll select a winner soon. Please be paitient as I am out of town for the next couple of weeks due a family emergency. Thanks!


  14. Sorry I took so long to write back! Thanks iPhoneogenic and Woxom for my slingshot. I have had plenty of time to try my new toy out and I am thoroughly enjoying it!! I still think the best thing is that it is universal. It has worked great with all the phones we have tried it with. It is quite sturdy and has been very useful for those beautiful slow shutter photos I’ve been lusting to take ever since I got hooked on iPhoneography. Also works great for videography! So once again thank you for this giveaway, for your wonderful product and website!! Hope someone will read this and go buy one because this is an extremely great tripod!!


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