Storytellers – Vamps by Ginger Lucero | @sxethang

Ginger Lucero

In this continuing feature here on iPhoneogenic we take a look a series of images by past featured artist, Ginger Lucero. What makes Lucero’s images so intriguing is the combination of apps, captions, and various poses used to create the Vampire Series. When we think of vampires what usually comes to mind is the folkloric legends of blood sucking creatures. In contemporary times Vamps are characterized by romance and sex appeal. Lucero’s series definitively has that seductive lure of today and the fierceness of yesterday. Ginger lets us in on how she has created these wonderful images.

Ginger Lucero – Vamp Series

When I first started this series, it wasn’t planned. I was playing with a new app called Glaze. When I finished with the image and saw how the red kind of dripped from the mouth, that’s when I decided I would make it a series.

Savoring Every Last Drop

I decided that what I wanted in this series, were the titles to pertain to more than just vampires. I wanted them to be open for interpretation, something that could pertain to everyday situations or feelings.


I find that I relate to things differently and that the more I create, the more my feelings metaphorically take place in my art.

I Won’t Bite

The texture that Glaze produced throughout the face and body, gave me the feeling that I was looking beyond the flesh. The stringy fibers provided my mind with an image I saw different than any other I had made. They seemed to run in such a way, that it appeared to me that I was glimpsing life itself in these things that looked like veins.

Your Taste Lingers

1. All images in this series, with the exception of the first, starts with a self portrait taken using Super Retro.
2. I took the image into Colorblast to leave the red on my lips and make everything else black and white.
3. I used Glaze on this image to create two different color effects on, one lighter and one darker on the same setting. This is a process, so patience is required.
4. I took the lighter of the Glazed Image into BeFunkyPro and applied the Orton filter – saved.
5. Imageblender to blend the original dark Glazed image and the lighter Orton Glazed image on the overlay setting.
6. ScratchCam for the color, and a bit of scratches. Finished off with Camera Awesome for the texture.

Concealed in the Shadows

I can’t say for sure if this is an ongoing series, or this is where it ends. Although, I do feel…they may call again. When, is a different story altogether.

Your Scent Intoxicates Me

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