6×6 Review + Giveaway





Enjoy shooting with a square medium format camera built into your iPhone with 6×6 ($0.99).

From the developer who brought you 645 PRO, jag.gr, 6×6 is one of the best, if not the best, square ready camera apps out there. 6×6 is packed with tons of futures like manual focus, exposure control, full EXIF support, high-res output and much more.  

iPhone Screenshot 1           iPhone Screenshot 3


How to use 6×6

  1. Switch the grid on the focusing screen: select from Architectural (shown), Rule of Thirds, or none.
  2. Flash selection: move the slider to the right to set the flash gun to active, slide it back to deactivate the flash gun.
  3. Focus “point-of-interest”. Tap the focusing screen to set this; double-tap to clear and return to automatic focus.
  4. Exposure “point-of-interest”. Tap-hold the focusing screen to set this; double-tap to clear this and the focus point-of-interest, and return to automatic focus.
    • If the exposure point-of-interest has not been explicitly set, it is the same as the focus point-of-interest.
    • To lock the focus and exposure points-of-interest, swipe the focusing screen.
  5. Settings button: press this to configure some detail aspects of 6×6. At rest, this acts as an indicator for when (and how many) images are being saved.
  6. Mode selection: move the slider to the right to take monochrome photographs, slide it back to take color photographs.
  7. Split-screen “spirit level”: when this is horizontal, you’re lined up with the horizon.
  8. Shutter release: press and release the button to take photographs


Thanks to Jag.gr, I have five (5) promo codes to give away! To obtain a code please tell us why you would like a code to receive 6×6 for FREE. Five (5) winners will be selected at random and must appropriately comment to win a code (don’t just say “I would like to try it” or of the sort)!

13 responses to “6×6 Review + Giveaway

  1. I’d like a code because I’ve heard great things about the app and many of my peers use it, with nice results. I’m always willing to try a new app and expand my camera bag and iphoneography portfolio!

    J A


  2. I would like a promo code, because it would give me another form to feature in my photo blog of iPhone only pictures. So far I’ve used apps like Snapseed and Hipstamatic.


  3. I would like a promo code, because prior to using the iphone as a camera I used a Rollieflex and the 6×6 app has the same textured leather look to it.


  4. I would like a code please as I use my iPhone to take a lot of photos, and I like to use the best possible apps available to do so, giving me the most range for shots.


  5. I love square format photography & it looks like this app has much better features than the typical apps that shoot square, like the built in level and focus lock.


  6. I’d love a promo code! I actually completed my entire degree course on a Mamiya 6×6 twin lense. I traded up to a Rollie around 9 years ago, the same time digital was getting big. I mostly just use my iphone now, but do occasional break out the Rollie. Being able to combine the two would be pretty spectacular!


  7. Promotional codes have been distributed!

    Congratulations to the winners.

    Stay tuned for our next giveaway!


  8. Hi.
    I’d like win a code because my first camera was a Rolleiflex and I love the square format. Nowadays, I shoot with my iPhone – but also with film cameras – but the best camera I have is the camera all the time with me and this is my iPhone ;o))
    Thanks and best regards from France.


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