The App Wars, Ready for Battle!

The App Wars has spent several months collecting entries from around the world taken and edited with Hipstamatic or Instagram photos apps and now it’s time to show them to the world. On Saturday November 17, 2012 these two mobile giants collide to present The App Wars photo exhibition. If you’re in the San Diego area make sure to check this out!

Although it’s called “The App Wars,” this event really isn’t about a ‘war’ between the Hipstamatic and Instagram apps, it’s about bringing awareness and exposure to both apps and furthering the cause of the mobile photography medium’s struggle to become legitimately ingrained in the photographic arts. The goal is to help bridge the gap between conventional photography and mobile photography and promote the arts as a whole.  The creators of The App Wars promises this event to be unique and different from other shows.  The show will feature 100 Instagram photos and 100 Hipstamatic photos with one top contender from each app taking a grand prize of $1000USD each.

Where: at 3RDSPACE in San Diego, California

Opening reception: November 17, 2012

For more info visit their Facebook Page

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