Glaze photo app FREE for all!


A number of months ago when Glaze app hit the App Store, iPhoenogenic tired to acquirer a few promo codes to giveaway here on the blog. Since it was new at the time The 11ers already had commitments to distribute codes else where. Well I have good news, The 11ers remembers us and told us about the new update to Glaze and best all of it’s FREE for everyone for the next three days! (AppStore: Free)

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 3

Today, Wednesday November 21rst, Glaze, the hit photo app from The 11ers, will be updated on the Apple app store to render its gorgeous painterly effects in full resolution, up to 21 megapixels! This upgrade cements Glaze as a professional photography app. To celebrate this milestone, the new and improved Glaze (version 1.4) will be FREE for its first 3 days of availability!

Here are the details of this update:

  • Glaze now supports full resolution rendering, a critical feature that many reviewers and users asked for. On iphone4S, Glaze can now preserve the 8 megapixels of the device camera. On iphone5, ipad 3&4 and ipad Mini, Glaze can even render at up to 21 megapixels, allowing 38” by 25” museum quality prints! Links to an iphone4S full res render: and an iphone5 21mpix render:
  • Glaze now preserves the source photo’s EXIF metadata, an important editing and database archiving feature for advanced photographers.
  • The color shading and anti-aliasing were improved to provide more vibrant results and even more variety in rendering styles.
  • 30 new studio styles, 6 of them free, were added.
  • Physical postcards of glazed image can be sent worldwide directly from the app.
  • Glaze can now directly import from and export to other photo apps with PhotoAppLink.

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