The MPA deadline nears, enter now!

Mobile Photo Awards

Hey stragglers! If you’ve been living under a rock the past few months the Mobile Photography Awards has been accepting submissions for mobile photography and art since October 5th, 2012! Now, the deadline to get those entries is on your doorstep! December 15th, 2012 is the official last day to enter the MPA. Enter today!

The Mobile Photography Awards offers 20 different categories ranging from Abstracts & Fine Art, Landscapes, People & Portraits, Street Photography, Travel, Macro/Details (which yours truly is the “lead judge” of), and many more to satisfy your creative needs. View the complete list of categories and judges here.

This years MPA will offer a grand prize of $3,000 USD for its photographer of the year. This could be you! Not to mention other fabulous prizes like OlloClip Lenses for all category winners, Postagram cards, Nik Software and more! Plus the winning images will become apart of an exhibition tour featuring some of the US and Canada’s finest galleries.


A little more about the MPA:

The Mobile Photo Awards were founded to promote and harness the global phenomenon of mobile, or cell-phone, photography and art.  The awards are committed to presenting the art-form in galleries and exhibits.

We have a simple fee of $20 for three images and $30 for five images with every image allowed to enter three categories. The entry fees for the Mobile Photo Awards are used to offset the costs of prizes, prints, framing, display, shipping, infrastructure, and a gallery tour. Given the terrific success both with crowds, the press and print sales for the 2011 MPA, we believe our fees are quite reasonable and well in line with open gallery calls for events with far less exposure and benefits.

The short-term goal of the Mobile Photo Awards is to celebrate the medium of mobile photography, the artists, the developers who create the applications and, of course, the beauty of the images. We believe that in order to bring the pictures into the public eye the medium must move beyond online photo sharing. While we are huge proponents of the online photo community we also feel that sometimes the images must be tactile, printed and framed, viewed on walls in a public space, and treated with the public respect accorded other art-forms. In order to achieve this goal, we have founded the Mobile Photo Awards in the hopes that the very best artists and images will be discovered in this manner.

The long-term goal of the Mobile Photo Awards is to continue hosting the annual awards, promote and produce gallery shows, and help raise the level public respect for our medium. We also aim to help educate and inform the art world that these images are remarkable and the tool used to create them is ultimately not as important as the images themselves.

In other words, we believe that mobile photography is no different than what some refer to as “real” photography. Mobile Photography *is* real photography. It’s also a unique art form practiced by millions, a growing global eco-system of artists and app developers, many of whom have created extraordinary images and applications and deserve more attention than can be provided by Instagram hearts or Flickr Favorites.

So, welcome to the second annual Mobile Photo Awards!

We sincerely hope you will join us in our vision to expand the horizons of mobile photography and art.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions – we love to hear from you.

All the best,

Daniel Berman
Founder of the Mobile Photo Awards.

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