Popsicolor 2.0 Premiere


The punchy pop art like watercolor app Popsicolor is soon to hit the app store with version 2.0!

Check out the previous review of Popsicolor here.

From the video preview alone this looks like it’s going to be an awesome update!

New in Version 2

Stacks Image 496
No mess! Tinrocket’s innovative ink code does all the drawing.
Stacks Image 615
Popsicolor now has 16 different ways for you to accent your subjects
Stacks Image 626
Super Blendy
How many ways can you mix two colors? Try 24!
Stacks Image 637
More to See
Use automatic enhancement to bring out those extra details
Stacks Image 648
New sets of warm and cool colors have been carefully designed to produce perfect blends
Stacks Image 659
Optional Borders
Popsicolor 2.0 makes it easy to think outside of the box
Sharing & Export
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Postcards, Email, Film Roll, Clipboard, & “Open In…” (Whew!)
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